9 Key Benefits of Document Management Software for Law Firms

best features of document management softwareLegal matters are rarely straightforward. Even the simplest of cases generally require considerable collaboration and documentation. Within the environment of a law firm, where information is sensitive and privacy concerns are real, this only adds to the challenge. So, unless you are aided by document management software (DMS) that adequately caters for the quick and easy creation of, access to, and collaboration on documents, you are making life difficult for the legal team.

This can restrict your competitive advantage and even impact outcomes for clients.

Cutting-edge DMS software for law firms integrates the best features of matter management software with the best features of document management software.

Implementing a modern Document Management System for law firms should be a top priority if your firm is using a basic file/folder structure or a “dinosaur DMS”. These solutions do not address the unique data security and compliance requirements of the law firms.

Following are nine key benefits of making the switch to the latest type of document management software for law firms…

  • By content (full-text search)
  • By document name
  • By client or matter
  • By document type (order, petition, contract)
  • By user (who created or modified)
  • By date (created or modified)
  • By internal notes and tags
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