LexWorkplace Features


Get Organized. Work Anywhere.

Packed with tools to help you manage your documents and email.


Manage documents, email and notes by client and matter.


No software to maintain, no servers required.

Bank-Grade Security

End-to-End Encryption, Multi-Factor Authentication & more.

Powerful Search

LexWorkplace is like having Google search for all of your data.

Windows & Mac

All LexWorkplace functionality works with Windows and Mac.

Practice Management Integration

LexWorkplace integrates with Clio Manage for time & billing.

Document Management

Go beyond basic files and folders.

LexWorkplace provides client/matter-centric structure for your documents, and delivers powerful tools to organize, code and search your documents.

Get Organized with LexWorkplace

Store Anything

Store and work on documents, images, video audio and more.

One-Click Open/Save

One click to open and edit a document, one click to save (no re-upload necessary).

Document AI

Interactive document conversations and context-aware query suggestions

Document Versions

Automatic document versioning, add comments to notable versions.

Profiling & Tagging

Organize documents with Types and Statuses, or create your own custom Tags.

Document Check-Out

Check a documents out as needed to prevent others from making changes.

Favorites & Recents

Pin favorite docs, see Favorites and Recent documents at a glance.

Firm Documents

A place for administrative, business and other firm-related documents.

Word to PDF

Convert Word documents to PDF in one click.

Permissions & Access

Define who can (and cannot) access data within each matter.

Document Preview

Full-text Document & Email Preview

External Sharing

Securely send documents to clients or other third parties.

Integrated OCR

Automatic conversion of PDF files to full-text documents.

Unique Document ID

Every document has a unique, permanent ID for ultimate trackability.

Office Integration

Save Office documents directly to LexWorkplace with our Office Addin.

Email Management

Manage Matter-Related Email

Save emails right to a matter file, from Outlook, where they can be shared, reviewed and searched by your entire team.

lexworkplace and outlook

Outlook Integration

LexWorkplace works with Office 365 Outlook for Windows Mac and Web.

Save Email to Matters

Save emails directly to a matter in LexWorkplace with a few clicks.

Organize With Folders

Organize matter-related emails into central folders to suit your needs.


LexWorkplace prevents the same email from being saved to a matter more than once.

Open, Forward, Reply

Click an email to open it in Outlook. Forward or reply with a single click.

Entire, Original Email

Capture the entire email including headers, body, images and attachments.

Sharing & Collaboration

Work Better Together

Your entire firm has access to client and matter documents, email and notes.

Securely share documents with clients and third parties.

Static Sharing Feature

Intra-firm Collaboration

LexWorkplace keeps matter data centralized and collaborative.

Restrict Access

Limit access to certain matters to individuals or groups when needed.

External Sharing

Securely share documents with clients and outside parties.

Data Security

Built from the ground up for data security & compliance.

Secure Application Architecture

State-of-the art software architecture to ensure the highest data security.

Encryption in Transit

All LexWorkplace interactions protected by SSL (HTTPS) encryption.

Encryption at Rest

Data stored in LexWorplace is automatically protected by military-grade encryption.

Permissions Management

Set unique permissions on each matter.  Define access by users or groups.

Geographic Redundancy

Your data is securely backed up to our multiple data centers across North America.

Two-Factor Authentication

LexWorkplace includes native Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Frequently Asked Questions

Document management is a kind of software that stores, organizes and provides tools to help your law firm manage its documents. Beyond the basic storage that you’ll find with an on-premise file server, or basic cloud storage services like Dropbox, document management software provides capabilities including full-text search, version management, OCR, document tagging and more.

Document management software provides structure and tools for your firm, your matters and the documents (and email) for each matter. Document Management software such as LexWorkplace helps you manage document versions, find what you’re looking for, tag and categorize documents, organize matters and matter documents, and much more.

Good Document Management software also integrates with the tools you use most, such as Microsoft Office and Outlook.

If you’re a law firm, yes. LexWorkplace is the only document management software born in the cloud and built exclusively for law firms. Other document management software is either not cloud-based, crudely cloud-based, or built for the masses (not for law firms).

LexWorkplace starts at $395 / month.  For more information, see our plans & pricing.

We’ll handle everything. Rather than farming out your onboarding to a “certified consultant,” we handle moving you LexWorkplace in-house. Our expert onboarding team will work with you to understand your current data, then plan and execute a thoughtful migration of your data to LexWorkplace.

With the right cloud provider and proper safeguards, yes, your data is significantly more safe in the cloud (compared to a single server sitting in the coat closet of a law firm). Modern cloud and cybersecurity technologies gives small law firms the same level of cybersecurity previously only enjoyed by fortune-500 companies.

While we hope to be your legal technology partner forever, the LexWorkplace term is month-to-month, meaning you can cancel at any time. You can download all of your data from LexWorkplace at any time.

Give us a call! Contact us any time, we’re happy to help you explore legal document management solutions.

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“I’ve been a happy Uptime Legal customer for over 10 years, and love their new LexWorkplace system.”

Ronald Canter
Law Offices of Ronald Canter

“LexWorkplace is easy to use, and allows us to keep documents well organized.  And the platform is very stable.”

James Menker
Holley & Menker

“LexWorkplace is simple to access and use, and gives us peace of mind that our files are safe and secure.”

Mike Shelton
The Shelton Law Firm

“I Love LexWorkplace and the ease of organizing related emails and documents.”

Robert Roseman
Robert D. Roseman, PC

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“I’ve been a happy Uptime Legal customer for over 10 years, and love their LexWorkplace system.”

Ron Canter
The Law Office of Ron Canter

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