Cloud-Based Law Firm Software: Choosing Modern Solutions

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Choosing the ideal Cloud-Based Law Firm Software can be a challenging task, given the myriad of options available.


There are various categories of Cloud-Based Law Firm Software for small practices, with each offering a range of features that may overlap.


Terms can be ambiguous, and while all of these solutions are purely cloud-based, their desirability for your firm will vary.


Hence, we’ve compiled an exhaustive list of Cloud-Based Law Firm Software to serve as the go-to guide for small law firms. By the end of this article, we’ll have addressed your burning questions like:

  • Which software is essential for law firms?
  • What elements define an effective tech strategy for law firms?
  • Which software stands out in each category?
  • Why is Cloud-Based Law Firm Software preferable?
  • What features does each software provide?
  • How do reviews and testimonials rate the different options?
  • and More!

In This Article

Introduction to Cloud-Based Law Firm Software

Cloud-Based Law Firm Software encompasses a broad range.

Whether it’s supplementary software, like productivity tools or note-taking applications, or essential operational software, such as Cloud-Based Practice Management or Document Management Software, this article delves into it.

A crucial point to note is that you’re formulating a technology strategy for your firm. By doing this, you aim to establish a more efficient workflow, promote enhanced collaboration, and pave the way for a more productive, prosperous law firm.

Software For Lawyers

In our compilation of software for attorneys, I’ll elucidate and discuss each of the primary categories of Cloud-Based Law Firm Software that your firm might require, a curated list of leading software in that segment, comprehensive features to aid in decision-making, and guidance on selecting the most suitable software tailored to your firm’s needs.

As you progress, I suggest jotting down insights about the applications that resonate with the requirements you aim to address. There’s a plethora of applications available, and through this article, you’ll gain clearer direction on where to begin and which to explore.

“LexWorkplace is very fast, and documents are easily accessible. Working remotely is seamless.”

Nathan Cobb
Law Offices of Nathan Cobb

See Why Lawyers Love LexWorkplace

Get Organized.  Work Anywhere.  LexWorkplace is modern Document & Email Management, born in the cloud and built for law firms.

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When assessing your law firm’s software and Tech Toolbox, it’s apparent that a strong technology strategy can be a boon for most law practices.

Delving deeper, we can also consider the overarching future trajectory of your law firm.

As your firm optimizes its use of available cloud-based software, transitioning to a Virtual Law Firm becomes a seamless endeavor. This implies that your law firm is primed for remote operations.

Operating a Virtual Law Firm paves the way for increased flexibility, economic efficiency, and enhanced satisfaction for both your team and your clients.

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Server-Based vs. Cloud-Based Software

I’m not one to say that there are no benefits to server-based software. There certainly can be.

Certain server-based software has substantially more functionality than some cloud-based applications.

While there are innumerable reasons to switch to cloud-based law firm software, there may still be a few reasons to stick with your server-based software, such as:

  • Do you already have servers and don't mind the operation and maintenance of onsite servers?
  • Do you have software that you love for its functionality over mobility?
  • Do you have a large network already set up that you're not willing to part with?
  • Are there some robust features of server-based software you require?

Cloud-Based Software

The advantages and disadvantages arising from the decision between server-based and cloud-based software play a crucial role in evaluating every facet of your workflow.

We’ve touched upon the intricacies of managing servers — but it’s more than just that.

Regardless of the quality of software or the expertise of your staff, every software has its moments. Challenges arise.

It’s paramount that you’re acquainted with the recourse available when facing technical difficulties.

To illustrate, here’s a depiction of IT Support when operating with server-based software.

IT Support On-Premise

Clearly, the procedure is somewhat protracted and laden with unforeseen expenses. The onus falls on you to monitor your software vigilantly and discern when to reach out for expert assistance.

Conversely, here’s a portrayal of IT Support in the context of a Cloud-Hosted solution. In this scenario, you entrust the hosting and functioning of your software to a certified cloud provider, such as Uptime Practice:

IT Support for Cloud-Hosted Solutions
Uptime Practice Next

Uptime Practice Next

IT Support for Modern Law Firms

  • Legal Software Support
  • Office 365
  • Cloud Storage
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Security & Compliance
  • IT Help Desk

Need Legal-Centric IT Support?

Practice Next is a suite of legal software + IT support services, just for law firms.

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Cloud-Based Document Management

When zeroing in on Document Management, the challenges echo similar sentiments.

Dinosaur DMS platforms are cumbersome to navigate, costly to set up, and demanding to sustain.

While I recognize that Legacy Document Management might have been a staple throughout your professional journey, the horizon promises a superior alternative — Cloud-Based Document Management.

Please view the video below to discern the contrast and grasp why both I and numerous others are gravitating towards this modern software solution.

On the other hand, choosing Cloud-Based Software provides you with great benefits:

LexWorkplace Top Features

as a Cloud-based DMS

  • Seamless Collaboration
  • No Server Responsibility
  • Better Data Security
  • Lessened Need for Paid IT Support
  • User Access/Permissions
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Ability to Pursue a Virtual Law Firm and a Paperless Law Firm

Cost Considerations of Server-Based vs. Cloud-Based Software

Let’s talk about expenses more specifically.

The costs that you face with a private cloud vs. the costs from server maintenance and ownership is paramount.

Here are a few of the different considerations.

Fixed vs. Variable Costs

The cost implications of choosing between in-house software hosting and a cloud hosting service are significant.

The comparison table below clearly illustrates that in-house or on-premise software tends to be the pricier and less predictable option.

By embracing cloud-hosting, your law firm can offload the responsibilities of server maintenance, software updates, and IT support. This is because cloud-hosting providers oversee your software on their systems and consistently handle updates on your behalf. Since their primary business revolves around these services, they can often achieve cost savings, which are then passed on to their clientele.

For a detailed and informed analysis, we suggest using our Cloud Cost Calculator. This instrument can guide you to the most economical and strategic choice for your legal practice.

Legal Software Cost Matrix

Private Cloud Costs

The price of a law firm’s Private Cloud system is influenced by the number of users in your firm and the specific legal applications you use, as some software demands more computing resources.

Additionally, the cost fluctuates based on how many software applications you intend to run in the cloud and, to a smaller extent, the volume of data you’ll store there.

  • For a basic Private Cloud setup hosting a single software, the rate could be below $90 per user every month.
  • For an advanced Private Cloud setup designed for numerous applications, expenses could rise to $150 per user monthly or even higher.

In most cases, Private Cloud options prove to be more cost-effective compared to maintaining and operating on-premises servers.

Here are some of the ways you’ll save money:

  • Transition Costs: Factor in one-time migration costs, such as data transfer, training, and downtime during the shift.
  • Cost of Scalability: Private Cloud scales cost-effectively with growth, often outpacing on-site solutions.
  • Indirect Savings: Private Cloud can boost productivity with less downtime and flexible access, reducing infrastructure needs.
  • Security Costs: Consider the value of robust Private Cloud security to prevent pricey cyber incidents.
  • Opportunity Cost: Not adopting a Private Cloud may hinder your firm's competitiveness in a digital age.

When weighing the initial and continual expenses of purchasing, overseeing, upkeeping, and fixing servers over several years against the consistent per-user monthly pricing of a Private Cloud, it becomes evident that the Private Cloud is often more financially beneficial in both the short and long run.


Server Failure

Having laid out those considerations, I’d like to offer some words of caution should you still opt for server-based software.

Owning and maintaining a server can be a complicated, costly, and persistently frustrating affair.

Please consult the provided chart for insights into the lifecycle of servers. Regular data backups and periodic server replacements are essential to mitigate the danger of data loss.

Frequency of Server Failure by Year

Categories of Cloud-Based Law Firm Software

At Uptime Legal, we dedicate significant effort to assist law firms in traversing the intricate landscape of small law firm legal software. A common thread we encounter is the ambiguity surrounding the various types of law firm software, especially regarding the specific functions of each category.

Frequently, we come across law firms expressing dissatisfaction, feeling that their recently procured law firm software isn’t aligning with their requirements or aspirations. More often than not, the root cause is a purchase from an incorrect software category.

law firm software categories

For example, a law firm could be researching Practice Management software and notice that Document Management is touted as a feature by a prospective choice. However, they might later discover that the mentioned “Document Management” is merely rudimentary online storage.

Likewise, Practice Management solutions claiming to encompass “Accounting” might only offer invoicing and a basic operational account.

Though this article delves into various software types tailored for legal professionals, it’s pivotal to recognize that the essence of law firm software typically aligns with one of these three primary categories:

Practice Management, Document Management, and Accounting

We call this the Three-Legged Stool of Law Firm Software. The confusion comes in that each of these three discreet and differentiated categories of software do overlap with one another.

Law Firm Software

Grasping the distinctions (as well as the intersections) of these three central pillars of law firm software is crucial.

Prior to delving into the assessment of small law firm legal software, it’s imperative to pinpoint which of these three functional categories your firm truly needs.

Legal Matter Management Software

The term “Legal Matter Management” might have reached your ears, often used interchangeably with Case Management, Practice Management, and Document Management. There’s an underlying rationale for this.

Legal Matter Management encompasses functionalities of both Case/Practice Management and Document Management. As a result, Law Practice Management (LPM) software and Document Management Systems (DMS) are effectively subcategories of Legal Matter Management.

These broad categories further splinter into more granular tasks, marking areas of overlap.

To illustrate, both Practice Management and Document Management Software might incorporate features designed to enhance efficiency.

Though this can seem perplexing or even deceptive to some, it’s rooted in a practical consideration.

Software products asserting multi-functional capabilities spanning several of the aforementioned primary categories typically exhibit some constraints in their depth of functionality.

However, such software might be perfectly suited for a law firm seeking a comprehensive practice management solution with basic accounting attributes.

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Productivity Software

Documents, Email, Collaboration

Productivity stands as the cornerstone of cloud-based law firm software. Typically, productivity software covers the tools your team employs on a daily basis, ranging from word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations to email, often complemented by tools that ensure these resources stay organized.

Beyond delivering fundamental tools like word processing, spreadsheet functionalities, and email applications, certain law firm productivity platforms evolve into the central workspace of your legal practice.


Office 365

Office 365 Screenshot

Microsoft 365, formerly known as Office 365, is Microsoft’s cloud-integrated rendition of the Office suite, which is complemented by online services including Exchange email, SharePoint, and OneDrive.

Highlight: MS Teams for Chat & Collaboration

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Data Security

Katya: "A classic — for good reason"

"Overall, I'm 100% pleased with Office 365. I use Apple's pages/keynote/numbers/iCloud and Google's docs/slides/sheets/drive and they don't compare to Office 365."

Gregory: "Constantly freezes"

"Outlook 365 is horrible. I would not recommend it to anyone. It constantly freezes, and stops working I have to shut down and restart 3 or 4 times to get the incoming emails."

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
Office 365 GuideMS Teams Guide

Google Workspace

Google Workspace Screenshot

Google Workspace, previously recognized as Google Apps and then G-Suite, offers a collection of streamlined web-based applications for documents, spreadsheets, and email. While Google Workspace stands out for its user-friendly interface, some users might find its features somewhat restrictive.

Highlight: Browser-based Document Editing

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Data Security

Dominique: "Google Workspace is my go-to!"

"I love using Google Workspace as a one-stop shop for daily business operations. It integrates seamlessly on top of itself for creating sheets, and documents, using your email, sharing drive documents, sharing calendars, and everything else Google has to offer."

Shin: "High potential but lacks key features"

"Frustratingly unhelpful support resources. For any given issue, the Google team typically offers their canned response, which very rarely addresses the actual issue. Their "solutions" are analogous to the classic "have you tried restarting your computer?" response from PC tech support services. Which is to say, they only ever suggest the most obvious fixes, all of which have already been attempted and subsequently failed prior to reaching out to Support."

(Source: Law Firms from G2)
Explore Google WorkspacePricing
LexWorkplace Logo


LexWorkplace DMS Screenshot

LexWorkplace functions both as a document management tool and a productivity platform tailored for law firms. With LexWorkplace, legal professionals can efficiently store, organize, and manage documents, emails, and notes based on specific clients and matters.

Highlight: Save Documents & Emails to Matters

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Data Security

Maria: "Excellent and Looking Forward to the Future!"

"Thus far, LexWorkplace is extremely easy to navigate, use and implement! Tech support has been awesome and I am so looking forward to future developments!!! The software was extremely easy to rollout and is user intuitive: simple and not overly complicated. The Uptime LexWorkplace team makes the rollout process very easy!"

(Source: Law Firms from Capterra)

Verified User: "Not for solo endeavors."

"I am a solo-member law firm, so this wasn't the best deal for me. The demo looked promising but you do need to go through Uptime if you want the software."

(Source: Law Firm from Lawyerist)
Explore LexWorkplacePricing

Note-Taking Software

Taking, Organizing & Searching Notes

Next, we’ll cover popular note-taking software.

Note-taking apps do more than just replace the old legal pad: they bring a new level of organization, functionality and note-taking on the go.

Features of note-taking applications often include the following features:

  • Digital Note-taking
  • Handwriting with a Stylus
  • Organize by Notebooks and Tags
  • Create Tags and Annotations
  • Document Scanning
  • Save Web Pages (Web Clipper)
  • Search Across All Notes
  • Web Interface
  • Sync to Multiple Devices
  • Note Templates
Evernote logo


evernote for law firms

Evernote, a trailblazer in cloud-based note-taking, holds a special place among many law firms. It facilitates note-taking, organization, and management through web browsers and mobile apps alike. Its sleek interface promises an intuitive user experience.

Highlight: Customizable Home Screen

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Sync

Vandana: "Excellent cloud-based digital notebook."

"It keeps me organized and best thing is it has easy data entry through typing as well as recording of voice notes. Data can be stored, easily accessed and edited. Searching documents is accurate and fast."

Chad: "Evernote has lost the plot and cannot seem to recover."

"The core service, the actual feature set, and the stability of Evernote have only seemed to get worse."

(Source: Law Firms from G2)
Explore EvernoteEvernote for Law Firms
Microsoft OneNote logo


Onenote screenshot

OneNote, a component of the Office 365 suite, is tailored for note-taking and organization. It offers deep integrations with other Office applications, including one with Outlook for enhanced meeting coordination.

Highlight: Part of Office 365 Suite

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Sync

André: "A perfect substitute for your old Notepad"

"Easy to use, has very good functionalities, it is totally integrated with the Microsoft Office programs, are the information are stored on the cloud, I can edit something on my computer and continue it on my mobile or tablet."

Robert: "It doesn't let you save your notes to a text file on your hard drive"

"I honestly just hate it right now. The automatic syncing is a neat feature when it works, but I need to be able to work with files when my internet goes out or the syncing just doesn't. Do not update to this latest version."

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
OneNote ReviewExplore OneNote

Digital Signature Software

Document Signing, Editing, and Updates

In our modern digital era, verifying the authenticity of documents and transactions has never been more crucial. Digital signatures step up to this challenge, serving as a cryptographic seal of validation.

Echoing the function of a conventional signature but fortified with enhanced security measures, digital signatures have become indispensable in sectors such as e-commerce, legal paperwork, and software dissemination.

DropBox Sign logo

Dropbox Sign

Dropbox Sign Screenshot

Previously known as HelloSign, Dropbox took it under its wing to weave it seamlessly into its cloud storage ecosystem, thereby streamlining processes.

Highlight: Integration with Dropbox

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Sync

Tim: "Great Value"

"It's a super convenient and easy tool to get signatures digitally without burdening clients with a trip to the office. I use it at least once or twice a week if not more."

Verified User: "Decent product, but getting clunkier."

"The ability to manage templates via integration isn't possible, which is too bad. In fact, much of the functionality appears to be lost with a subpar integration."

(Source: Law Firms from G2)
Explore Dropbox SignPricing
DocuSign Logo


DocuSign Screenshot

DocuSign, a dominant force in the eSignature domain, offers a dependable platform for digital contract signings. Its standout features include robust security protocols, stringent compliance standards, and an intuitive user journey.

Highlight: Compliance & Name Recognition

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Sync

Catherine: "Fantastic for those who need a reliable product!"

"This is such an easy product to set up and use; anyone can do it. From multi-party signatures to workflows to mail merges it's all seamlessly integrated. As a legal services company, we love that the court system allows contracts signed via DocuSign to be entered into the record as legally signed."

Brendan: "Buggy software & unhelpful staff"

"Doesn't work. I paid to upgrade but even though they charged my account, wouldn't update the settings to give me the features I paid for. Customer service were completely unhelpful."

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
Explore DocuSignPricing
Formstack Logo

Formstack Sign

Formstack Sign Screenshot

Gaining momentum in the industry, Formstack touts a level of versatility similar to DocuSign, coupled with extensive integrations, from CRMs to Payment Processors and beyond.

Highlight: Integrations

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Sync

Andrew: "Formstack revolutionized our processes"

"The best part of Formstack is the ease of use, both for form creation and for end users completing forms."

Bret: "Zero Product Support"

"There is no support for this product, we've submitted a problem involving authentication using the API to the support multiple times."

(Source: Users from G2)
Explore FormstackPricing

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Legal Accounting Software

Business Accounting, Trust Accounting, Financial Reporting

Continuing our exploration of top-notch cloud-based law firm software, we delve into legal accounting software next.

Such software applications are typically tailored to cater to the unique accounting requirements of law firms, like trust accounting. Alternatively, they might be general accounting applications but are frequently employed by law practices.

Typical functionalities of law firm accounting software encompass the following:

  • General / Business Accounting
  • Trust IOLTA Accounting
  • Cash Basis (vs. Accrual)
  • Multiple Billing Types
  • Financial Reporting
  • P&L, Balance Sheet, Cashflow

Accounting Software vs. Practice Management Software (The differences and the overlap)

Law Practice Management, Billing, and Accounting are three interconnected yet distinct functions. Each can be handled by individual software or integrated into a single software suite. The overlap and ambiguity in terminology can often make it challenging to decipher the exact capabilities of a given software package.

Case Management, Billing, Accounting

With that clarified, let’s take a look at our list of top legal accounting software for law firms.

QuickBooks logo


Quickbooks Accounting Screenshot

QuickBooks, arguably the most recognized name in accounting software, earns its reputation through its potent yet user-friendly platform. However, it’s worth noting that while QuickBooks is a powerhouse, it isn’t tailored for law firms and might miss some legal-specific functionalities that your firm desires.

Industry Focus: None (General-purpose)

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere

Michelle: "Best accounting software there is!"

"I have been working as an Administrative Assistant for the past four years at a Debt Collection Law Office and I use Quickbooks every single day. It is a godsend! I use it to track so many different things, from payroll to client invoices, income and expenses and much more!"

Nicole: "I've never liked an Quickbooks products."

"Cons: Everything. If it takes an affiliate to set up the software for a customer to use effectively, it's too complicated or not what the market needs."

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
QuickBooks ReviewQuickBooks in the Cloud


Actionstep Screenshot 1

Actionstep is a robust and all-encompassing cloud-based Law Practice Management Software. It presents an array of functionalities, often elusive in a single platform, encompassing full accounting prowess, a fortified client portal, seamlessly integrated email features, and an efficiently structured document management system.

Industry Focus: Small to Mid-Sized Firms

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere

Nigel: "Powerful and flexible practice management"

"I have used the product extensively over the last 5 years and would happily recommend it as a platform for legal practice management. I have used the product in a number of different law firms and have been involved in the setup for those firms. It is easy to use and easy to adapt to your own requirements."

Linda: "PCLAW - don't use."

"It was good in the day but now, the system is incompatible with 64bit outlook so you cannot save the email, there is data corruption, customer service is poor."

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
Explore Actionstep
Cosmolex Logo


cosmolex accounting screenshot

CosmoLex stands as a legal practice management software that offers comprehensive accounting solutions. It integrates client management, time tracking, billing, business accounting, and trust accounting. This holistic approach negates the necessity for supplementary tools like QuickBooks or similar accounting software.

Industry Focus: Law Firms

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere

Michael: "Great Software. Can be a learning curve."

"The built in efficiency. Great accounting system. Easy to generate invoices, apply payments, and print checks."

Amy: "Leaving CosmoLex after 60 frustrating days"

"CosmoLex is a great idea, but the execution completely fails at both the accounting and practice management components. Entering data in the software is ridiculously inefficient."

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
CosmoLex ReviewFree Trial
Centerbase Logo


Centerbase Screenshot

Centerbase encompasses features such as time tracking, billing, comprehensive case and client management, and an extensive accounting module. Its standout feature is its exceptional customizability, enabling law firms to shape the system to fit their unique requirements. Nevertheless, given the detailed nature of customization, it’s often recommended to involve an external consultant for a smoother implementation process.

Industry Focus: Law Firms

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere

Theresa: "Highly Customize-able, scale-able, intuitive"

"The software is incredibly customize-able. There is no limit to what you can do. Think big, bigger than you think you need to. The customization scales marvelously and works intuitively. The software elevates practice management so that operations are more fluid."

Anthony: "Not Ready for Prime Time"

"Customization is difficult. Customer service is slow and often unresponsive. The back-office accounting features do not allow batching of checks. If you owe a vendor or client on several different matters, you must write individual checks for each payment. We sometimes send 20 checks to the same client on the same day because we cannot combine them. It is mystifying that this feature is missing."

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
Explore Centerbase

Explore More Legal Accounting Applications

These represent our view of the top legal accounting products s within the broader scope of law firm software. To see even more options, check out our list of all of the law firm accounting software.

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Time & Billing Software

Time Tracking, Expense Tracking, Invoicing

Following productivity tools, the next cloud-based law firm software typically considered is dedicated to time tracking and billing.

While the majority of Practice Management applications (which we’ll delve into soon) encompass time and billing features, not all firms require the extensive offerings of a comprehensive Practice Management suite. Some might prefer a singular focus on time & billing. For such firms, we’ll highlight the leading stand-alone time & billing solutions.

This inclination is especially evident among law firms exploring software tailored for smaller legal practices.

Time & Billing software typically include the following functionality:

  • Time Tracking
  • Expense Tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Revenue Reporting
  • LEDES Billing (Some Applications)
  • Basic Client Management
bill4time logo


bill4time screenshot

Bill4Time stands as a potent time & billing software utilized across multiple industries, notably including the legal sector. Key features tailored for lawyers in Bill4Time comprise split-fee billing and ABA billing codes.

Highlight: Lightweight Case Management Features

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere

Jason: "Clean, easy to use billing software"

"The program is clean, simple, and available anywhere through the web and various applications for mobile devices. New users are easy to setup and manage. Reporting functions are easy to manage. Downtime is a non-issue."

Navid: "Stay away from Bill4Time - terrible service."

"Support non-existence. Have to repeat yourself over and over. I've called 5 times and left messages without a response. App has not been updated and does not supported the latest version of your phone's operating system."

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
Explore Bill4TimeFree Trial
timesolv logo


timesolv screenshot

TimeSolv is a favored choice for those seeking dedicated time & billing software. With an intuitive interface, TimeSolv encompasses functionalities like time tracking, billing, invoicing, expense monitoring, and detailed reporting.

Highlight: Legal Bookkeeping Services Offered

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere

Ira: "An excellent product."

"Product is easy to learn and implement. Training staff was very helpful in the transition process. Ability to incorporate TimeSolv Pay was a bonus."

Sharon: "TimeSolv Review"

"Very little functionality. Need to be able to select "All" professionals to print individual reports for time entries. Reporting structure overall is limited."

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
Explore TimeSolvFree Trial

Payment Processing

Sales Pipeline Management, Intake Forms

Continuing our review of top-notch cloud-based law firm software, we now delve into online payment processing platforms.

The significance of timely payments in sustaining a law firm cannot be overstated. As such, online payment services aren’t just a convenience; they’re instrumental in bolstering your practice’s growth and efficiency. Such platforms not only simplify the payment process for your clients but also automate it for your firm.

Legal-focused online payment platforms, as highlighted below, are specifically designed keeping in mind the intricate needs of law firms. These include, but aren’t limited to, trust account management and accommodating ABA billing codes. These online payment services transcend the boundaries of mere software, offering an amalgam of payment clearance, authorization, and various financial tools tailor-made for law firm operations.

Law Pay logo


lawpay screenshot

LawPay stands out as perhaps the most recognized name in law firm payment processing. Renowned for its seamless integration with various legal practice management tools, LawPay is endorsed by 48 state bar associations, affirming its credibility.


Stand-Out Feature: Practice Management Integrations

Features & Scope
Ease of Use

Rachel: "Simple and functional"

"LawPay blends seamlessly with Cosmolex, so we can process card payments from the software we actually use daily. LawPay automatically generates invoices which we can email to customers."

Chandon: "Easy for use but expensive."

"High fees. And I would seriously caution any practioner taking online checks."

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
Explore LawPay
clio logo

Clio Payments

Clio Payment Processing Screenshot

Clio Payments, birthed by Clio, serves as its proprietary payment processing tool. Encompassing many attributes akin to its peers, Clio Payments shines especially for firms that utilize Clio Manage or Clio Grow, streamlining practice management, CRM, and client intake processes.

Stand-Out Feature: Clio Manage/Grow Integration

Features & Scope
Ease of Use

Missy: "Start with Clio and you won't need another software"

"It offers the best online payment options with flat percentage and fees so you can manage client payments easily."

Santiago: "Nice tool"

"It's a nice tool, but from a bookkeeper point of view it could have more features. In any case, it's a must-have tool for lawyers. The integration with QB online allows only one account in the Chart of Account and that doesnt allow having more information for reporting"

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
Explore Clio PaymentsClio Demo
lexcharge logo


LexCharge Payment Processing Screenshot

LexCharge emerges from the innovative minds behind Rocket Matter. This platform is dedicated solely to catering to the payment needs of attorneys and their practices. With innate functionalities, LexCharge adeptly manages trust payments, accounts, and the intricate disbursement process.

Stand-Out Feature: Trust Accounting Rules

Features & Scope
Ease of Use

Craig: "A Very Satisfied Customer"

"We are still getting familiar with the software and all of its features, but so far, our experience has been as good as we were hoping for. The best part about the software has been working with out account manager."

Michael: "They did not provide the service promised"

"Promise and don't deliver. An hour on hold is too long for support. Don't seem to have the staff. Very frustrating dealing with this outfit."

(Source: Law Firms from Capterra)
Explore LexCharge
headnote logo


headnote screenshot

Headnote, though a relatively recent entrant in the realm of law firm payment solutions, has swiftly made its mark. It’s not just limited to credit card processing but also extends its prowess to ACH or electronic check payments. Boasting a client-friendly interface coupled with an intuitive management platform, Headnote is indeed a force to reckon with.

Stand-Out Feature: AR Management Features

Features & Scope
Ease of Use

Christopher: "My clients love the easy to use platform"

"Streamlined billing process and the new feature of creating agreements/retainers within the platform....Very convenient."

Julian: "Headnote has come a long way."

"Headnote could use some improvement on is its mobile compatibility. I would love the opportunity to have an iPhone app where I can add a client, send them an engagement letter, and invoice all in one shot."

(Source: Law Firms from Capterra)
Explore Headnote

Explore More Payment Processing Solutions

These represent our view of the top payment processing platforms within the broader scope of law firm software. To see even more options, check out our list of all of the legal payment processing platforms.

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CRM & Intake Software

Sales Pipeline Management, Intake Forms

Continuing our exploration of top-tier cloud-based law firm software, our focus shifts to CRM and client intake solutions.

Traditional CRMs act as a foundational database for current and potential clients. More crucially, the majority of CRMs come equipped with sales pipeline utilities. This lets firms keep tabs on incoming “leads” (potential clients) and streamline their communication and outreach.

On the other hand, law firm intake platforms offer features to partially automate the client intake process, typically integrating specialized forms and client questionnaires pertinent to different practice areas.

While CRM and Intake are distinct functionalities, they harmoniously merge within a single software solution. Some standout features of most CRM & intake solutions encompass:

  • Client Database
  • Prospect Database
  • Workflow / Checklists
  • Lead / Revenue Tracking
  • Intake Forms
  • Intake Workflow Automation
  • Electronic Signatures
clio logo

Clio Grow

Clio Grow CRM Screenshot

Clio Grow (previously known as Lexicata) stands out as both a CRM and client intake tool tailored for law firms. Beyond offering sales pipeline capabilities and prospect management, it excels in client intake processes and seamlessly synchronizes with Clio Manage for holistic practice management.

Stand-Out Feature: Integration with Clio Manage

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere

Lori: "One of the first users of Clio and still give five stars."

"Overall experience has been fantastic, and I have no intentions of ever-changing software. I will retire using Clio. Clio, along with Clio Grow, has enabled us to develop a smooth process for evaluating potential new clients using an intake questionnaire and customizing a pipeline."

Santiago: "Nice tool"

"It's a nice tool, but from a bookkeeper point of view it could have more features. In any case, it's a must-have tool for lawyers. The integration with QB online allows only one account in the Chart of Account and that doesnt allow having more information for reporting"

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
Explore Clio GrowFree Trial
Law Ruler Logo

Law Ruler

Law Ruler CRM Screenshot

Law Ruler brings together the utilities of a law firm CRM, client intake, and an automated marketing platform. It’s particularly commendable for its marketing automation tools, which range from email sequences to automated text messaging. Additionally, its range of integrations deserves a special mention.

Stand-Out Feature: Marketing Automation

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere

Jackie: "Best Legal CRM. Best user interface of any software used by the firm."

"Our process of interviewing potential clients would be unmanageable without Law Ruler. Managing our call volume and analyzing lead volume and quality would be impossible without Law Ruler."

Chad: "Law Ruler is great"

"It just takes a lot of front-end work to make it best for your specific business. But all CRM's do and I'm finding that the more work I put into it the more useful it is for the firm."

(Source: Law Firms from Capterra)
Explore Law RulerGet a Demo
LawMatics logo


Lawmatics CRM Screenshot

Lawmatics amalgamates functionalities of a CRM, intake, and marketing automation for law firms. Key features include email marketing campaigns, digital signature-enabled client intake forms, and systematic workflow tools.

Stand-Out Feature: Electronic Signatures

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere

David: "Premium, Customizable CRM that plays well with others!"

"I like that it "just works" once set up with an onboarding specialist. I had the benefit of using some other CRM tools that were "similar," albeit more expensive and with a less-clean user interface. Lawmatics was customizable to my workflow"

Anonymous: "Couldn't figure it out"

"It is too complicated. The setup takes quite a bit of thought and structure. It took me about three-four months to get it to do a few things in automation. There are a lot of variables in our firm and so you end up with a multitude of automations and keep track. Then the software changes and you must modify the set up or it won't work and clients complain."

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
Explore LawmaticsGet a Demo

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Practice Management Software

Clients, Contacts, Cases, Calendaring, Billing

Transitioning to Practice Management software, it often constitutes the backbone of a law firm’s tech stack. Such software typically oversees client and contact data, case management, calendaring, document drafting, time-keeping, billing, and accounting.

The marketplace is teeming with options: some tools lean more towards “front-office” roles, emphasizing case management and calendaring, while others tilt towards “back-office” operations like billing and accounting.

With over 25 esteemed Law Practice Management solutions available, we’ll spotlight the top 7 in our forthcoming review, culminating with a comprehensive list at the end.

Practice management software typically include the following functionality:

  • Client & Contact Management
  • Matter Management
  • Calendaring
  • Task Management
  • Time & Expense Tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Limited Accounting
  • Document/Form Assembly
  • Conflict Checking
  • Client Portal

Sidebar: Practice Management vs. Document Management

It’s worth emphasizing: while Practice Management software is adept at managing calendaring, billing, contacts, and tasks, many of them offer elementary or “basic” Document Management features.

However, Practice Management and Document Management are not the same. Before venturing into a new Practice Management software, ensure you have a crystal-clear understanding of your firm’s document management goals.


clio logo

Clio Manage

Clio Manage LPM Screenshot

Clio Manage stands as a user-friendly and adaptable law practice management platform. With a keen focus on facilitating the day-to-day functions of a law firm, it covers the management of clients, cases, schedules, tasks, time records, billing, and more. Aspiring to be the central nerve system for your legal practice, Clio offers seamless integrations with an array of other cloud-centric applications that your firm might utilize.

Stand-Out Feature: Extensive App Integrations

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere

Daniel: "Excellent Wrap-Around Product"

"Clio is a single software solution for law firms. The onboarding process is smooth thanks to the helpful team of trainers. The software is intuitive, so there is not a large investment of time for training. We could not be happier."

Santiago: "Nice tool"

"It's a nice tool, but from a bookkeeper point of view it could have more features. In any case, it's a must-have tool for lawyers. The integration with QB online allows only one account in the Chart of Account and that doesnt allow having more information for reporting"

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
Clio Manage ReviewFree Trial
Smokeball Logo


Smokeball Screenshot 1

Smokeball stands out as a multifaceted Law Practice Management software, boasting extensive document management and automation capabilities that harmonize seamlessly with Microsoft and Outlook. It empowers users to streamline lead intake and onboarding, manage legal cases adeptly, oversee billing and trust accounting, and scrutinize data and insights via a comprehensive dashboard.

Industry Focus: Mid-Size Law Firms

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere

Fey: "I can't live without it."

"There is nothing I don't love about this software. My first cloud-based firm management system went unsupported after a couple of years, and I could understand why. I stumbled on Smokeball (an excellent, perfectly persistent and not annoying sales rep), and I have never looked back. The AI for time and billing is exceptional; the choices made when partnering with services are well-considered and launched, and the customer service is fabulous. And they keep making integration and start-up even simpler."

Michelle: "Does Not Deliver on its Promises"

"It did not deliver. When it didn’t work for us they refused to cancel or assist me in any way. I was never given a support person to launch the product. The cost for setting up the program through a third party provider ( given to me by the company) was twice what the sales rep told me it would be. The auto billing feature double billed in many cases making more billing work not less."

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
Explore Smokeball

LEAP Legal Software

LEAP LPM Screenshot

LEAP, with its web-based infrastructure, can arguably be considered one of the most comprehensive law practice management tools out there. It expertly manages time, billing, client relationships, matters, and scheduling. However, what truly sets LEAP apart is its extensive library of state-specific and federal forms. This function significantly simplifies the document automation process, making the creation of legal documents a breeze.

Stand-Out Feature: Robust Document Assembly

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere

David: "The best CMS available"

"LEAP is reliable, functional and easy to use. It is as simple as that."

Janice: "Unhappy customer"

"Your "support" and I use that term loosely, is horrific. There is only one "consultant" who ever knows how to fix anything. Unless I get that guy, it's pretty much over. Consultants are obviously talking to 3 and 4 people at the same time they are "chatting" with me and it takes forever for them to respond."

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
LEAP ReviewExplore LEAP
Rocket Matter Logo

Rocket Matter

rocket Matter Screenshot

Rocket Matter, as one of the pioneers in cloud-based law practice management, has maintained its reputation and user base throughout the years. Catering to the comprehensive needs of a law firm, Rocket Matter facilitates the management of cases, time records, billing processes, and scheduling activities. Notably, Rocket Matter adopts a project management-oriented strategy for handling legal matters, ensuring a structured and systematic workflow for law professionals.

Stand-Out Feature: Systematic Workflow

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere

Jessica: "Great for a small law firm"

"I will say the one thing I love about this product is it is very user friendly. Functions and features are consistently being added to make daily tasks easier. Our firm practices both criminal defense and plaintiff's work, the software works well for both. Tracking time, billing, calendaring, assigning tasks, everything is basically accessible anywhere you are in the system. I also love the layout, being able to customize, the drop-down feature helps keep me organized and the page clean. Customer service is also great."

Deborah: "Limited capabilities when it comes to billing and reporting; no flexibility or customization."

"Inability to change dates - reprint e bills to a word format - the limitations of the reporting - the names of the reports which makes it difficult to find a report - who starts off reporting with "I want to" - it feels very juvenile."

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
Explore Rocket Matter
mycase logo


mycase screenshot

MyCase is one of the early web-based law practice management applications, contributing to

the advancement of the industry. It is highly regarded for its user-friendly interface and intuitive

design, ensuring ease-of-use for law firms. Notably, MyCase is renowned for its exceptional

client portal, which is arguably one of the best among all case management systems.

Stand-Out Feature: Robust Client Portal

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere

Sarah: "MyCase covers all the bases"

"We use MyCase for every aspect of running our law firm except for electronic communications (we use an email app) and document storage (we use a Cloud-based app). It has been immensely helpful to the organization and efficiency of our firm to merge our client management, case management, time/expense tracking, billing and invoicing into one application."

Edward: "Product not reliable"

"Poor. I lost hours of work across several documents until I realized that editing through the Mycase Desktop app when using word auto defaults to autosave on. There is no warning that autosave does not save changes made to the document open through mycase, thus all work lost. When speaking to customer service, they said sorry, we should have stated that autosave does not function on Mycase."

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
Explore MyCase
Centerbase Logo


Centerbase Screenshot

Centerbase is a cloud-based Law Practice Management (LPM) system that offers a

comprehensive suite of features. It includes time and billing functionalities, robust case and

client management capabilities, and a full-fledged accounting module.

Stand-Out Feature: Customizable Software

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere

Theresa: "Highly Customize-able, scale-able, intuitive"

"The software is incredibly customize-able. There is no limit to what you can do. Think big, bigger than you think you need to. The customization scales marvelously and works intuitively. The software elevates practice management so that operations are more fluid."

Anthony: "Not Ready for Prime Time"

"Customization is difficult. Customer service is slow and often unresponsive. The back-office accounting features do not allow batching of checks. If you owe a vendor or client on several different matters, you must write individual checks for each payment. We sometimes send 20 checks to the same client on the same day because we cannot combine them. It is mystifying that this feature is missing."

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
Explore Centerbase
Cosmolex Logo


pclaw lpm screenshot

CosmoLex offers a unified law practice management and accounting experience from the cloud. It not only encompasses client and case management but also delves into time tracking, billing, general business accounting, and trust/IOLTA accounting. Such an all-encompassing suite of tools makes additional accounting software, like QuickBooks, superfluous.

Stand-Out Feature: Complete Integrated Accounting

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere

Cole: "Outstanding Practice Management Software"

"The software is intuitive and straightforward. All necessary options are readily accessible from a simple menu structure, and the inclusion of detailed accounting functions is truly unparalleled."

Samantha: "Duped by Cosmolex - Only Cost-Efficient if Solo"

"I am giving this a poor review for the following reasons: (1) Cosmolex is really only price-efficient if you are a solo attorney. (2) They were not upfront about the pricing issues. (3) The lack of integrations (and the integrations they are getting) is really problematic."

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
CosmoLex ReviewFree Trial
ProLaw logo

Firm Central

firm central screenshot

Thomson Reuters, renowned for introducing WestLaw legal research, conceived Firm Central as an application for managing law practices. With a well-established footprint in the industry, Firm Central harmoniously merges with the WestLaw platform, offering a unified resolution for legal experts.

Stand-Out Feature: Integration with WestLaw

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere

Michael: "Made our transition seamless."

"The platform is so intuitive and the customization is superb. The system is quick and we have everything we need at our fingertips to run our firm for the foreseeable future. I am blown away by how professional, prompt and helpful Project management team assigned to my account has been.I can't say enough good things about the team."

David: "Not what we expected."

"It is not fully integrated with outlook - so every update to FC also has to be updated to outlook. Rule updates come late - our state revised its rule and gave 7 months notice of the rule change, FC is still making rule changes 3 months after implementation of the new rules. Service requests are poorly handled and we often get bumped from one person to another who just want to talk about the experience. "

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
Explore Firm Central

Explore More Practice Management Products

These represent our view of the top practice management products within the broader scope of law firm software. To see even more small law firm legal software, specifically practice/case management, check out our list of all of the law practice management products.

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Document Automation Software

Automating Creation and Drafting 

Creating documents can be a long-drawn process. While penning a straightforward letter might be a swift task, drafting complex legal paperwork such as contracts can be painstakingly detailed and time-intensive.

Enter top-notch document automation software tailored for law firms – significantly trimming down the time and complexity of such tasks.

  • Document Templates
  • Document Library
  • Document Storage
  • Client Self-Service Portal
  • Software Integrations
  • Conditional Logic
  • Auto-Population
  • Remote Access
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Various File Types
LawYaw logo


Lawyaw Document Automation Screenshot

Lawyaw offers a platform for efficient document creation. With its template design capability and a vast library of forms, it simplifies drafting. Additionally, its e-signature feature is a boon for legal professionals.

Highlight: Integration with Clio Manage

Time-Saving Features
Ease of Use
App Integrations

Beau: "Great for document automation"

"It integrates well with our existing software and the development team has been exceptional to with with"

John: "Its a bad investment from a great company"

"Difficult to use for a non computer programmer and is not very intuitive. You cant change fonts and customer service is a little lacking on understanding lawyers use this product not programmers."

(Source: Law Firms from Capterra)
Lawyaw WebsitePricing


LEAP Document Automation Screenshot

This cloud-based Practice Management Software is an ideal choice for those aiming to integrate Practice Management with Document Automation.

Highlight: Practice Management Software + Document Automation

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
App Integrations

Charles: "LEAP Into Success!"

"It is continually being developed as we continue to work. Being able to generate large documents that can be used repeatedly at a substantial fee is a valuable asset."

James: "Lots of Promises but Subpar execution"

"Billing system feels incomplete, calendaring in this program is basically non-existent as Outlook is where the calendar is stored. The calendaring has caused many issues and resulted in missed appointments."

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
LEAP WebsiteLEAP Review


Documate Document Automation Screenshot

Renowned for its flexibility, this application offers a dynamic API, making it well-suited for various app integrations. Serving dual purposes, it functions as both a document assembly/automation platform and a digital forms tool. A notable highlight is its add-in for Microsoft Word.

Highlight: Flexible API for Application Integrations

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
App Integrations

Tika: "Using Documate for my small business, and it seriously speeds up document production!"

"The program helps me generate agreements and price lists for my event planning business. It was to set up, because it requires no prior coding experience, and it's saved me so much time."

Joy: "A great solution for automation."

"The implementation is a process. Identifying the questions you need to ask and inserting the code into the relevant documents can require a bit of troubleshooting and computer coding knowledge."

(Source: Law Firms from Capterra)
Dropbox Review for Law FirmsExplore Dropbox

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Premier document automation software for law firms emphasizes document assembly, but effective management goes further.

Crucial tools include storage, advanced search, version control, and optical character recognition (OCR).

Bring Law and Order to Your Documents

LexWorkplace Includes:

  • Document Profiling / Metadata
  • Structured by Client/Matter
  • Organize With Folders and Tags
  • Save Emails to Matters
  • Built-In Version Management
  • Add Notes to Docs & Email

Cloud Storage Platforms

Simple online storage for law firm documents

In our exploration of top cloud-based law firm software, let’s delve into cloud storage platforms.

These platforms offer online document storage solutions that emphasize simplicity, both in user experience and feature range. For law firms prioritizing secure cloud storage without the need for a plethora of features, these systems could be an ideal addition to your tech toolkit.

Generally, cloud storage platforms encompass:

  • Create Folders and Subfolders
  • Store and View Documents Online
  • Sync Files/Folders to Local Device
  • Share Documents With Others
  • Limited Search Capabilities
onedrive logo

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive Cloud Storage Screenshot

OneDrive, integrated within Office 365, offers straightforward cloud storage and is seamlessly integrated with Windows. Ideal for basic storage requirements, it boasts easy external sharing.

Industry Focus: None (General-Purpose)

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
App Integrations

Naveen: "Efficient Cloud Storage Solution"

"Easy Integration. OneDrive integrates smoothly with Microsoft Office. Accessibility. Collaborative. Automatic Syncing."

Franci: "So not connected to clients wishes"

"Usability, ease of use, access and use of sharing, basically everything. Expensive and really hard to setup and use."

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
OneDrive Review for Law FirmsExplore OneDrive
Google Drive Logo

Google Drive

Google Drive Cloud Storage Screenshot

Google Drive, part of Google Workspace, is a widely-used cloud storage service. Its strength lies in its seamless integration with Android devices, Google Docs, and Google Photos.

Industry Focus: None (General-Purpose)

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
App Integrations

Kim: "An exquisite cloud storage platform."

"I most enjoyed the reasonable price for business plans compared to other products. You get a much better value for money especially for the amount of storage space. Google Drive is the most easy to use cloud storage software that I have experience with."

Mike: "Google Drive"

"I hate it and need to do workarounds for all employees to access files and ensure that they ones that they access are the most recent/up to date."

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
Google Drive Review for Law FirmsExplore Google Drive
dropbox logo


dropbox screenshot 1

Dropbox, arguably the most recognized cloud storage pioneer, provides an intuitive platform for individual or team usage. Its distinct feature is the ability to synchronize files across various devices.

Industry Focus: None (General-Purpose)

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
App Integrations

Myrna: "My go-to cloud service."

"I like Dropbox's simple and easy-to-use interface. And from a business standpoint, the price is fairly reasonable. I also love the security that Dropbox provides by acting as a digital backup just in case anything happens."

Kevin: "Good for general usage"

"They don't have any options that are HIPAA compliant for protected data, so you have to use caution on what is uploaded to their service."

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
Dropbox Review for Law FirmsExplore Dropbox
LexWorkplace Logo


LexWorkplace Cloud Storage Screenshot

LexWorkplace is tailored for law firms, offering secure cloud storage infused with advanced tools. It’s designed to store and categorize documents, emails, and notes by client or case.

Industry Focus: Legal

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
App Integrations

Steven: "Version control alone makes it worth it"

"Version control and having everything accessible online (as opposed to a server in the office) are the best parts of the software."

(Source: Law Firm from Capterra)

Verified User: "Not for solo endeavors."

"I am a solo-member law firm, so this wasn't the best deal for me. The demo looked promising but you do need to go through Uptime if you want the software."

(Source: Law Firm from Lawyerist)
Explore LexWorkplacePricing

Cloud Storage Caveats

While simple cloud storage solutions present a hassle-free approach, they can have limitations, especially for larger law firms.

Related Video:

Explore More Cloud Storage Solutions

This captures our take on premier cloud storage platforms for legal professionals. For an expanded list, refer to our comprehensive guide on cloud storage solutions tailored for law firms.

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Document Management Software

Full-Text Search, Version Management, Email Management

Document Management Systems (DMS) provide lawyers with advanced tools for storing and managing their documents, surpassing the capabilities of standard cloud storage or practice management solutions.

These software solutions can either be on-premise (housed on local servers) or cloud-based. While the range and depth of features may differ among products, generally, legal document management software delivers the following functions:

  • Document & File Storage
  • Document Profiling / Metadata
  • Full-Text Search
  • Unique ID for Each Document
  • Document Check-Out / In
  • Document Sharing / Receiving
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Document Version Management
  • Email Management / Outlook Integration
  • Permissions Management
  • Favorite & Recent Documents

Document Management Security

Moreover, quality cloud-based legal document management products will provide additional security features, including:

  • Data Encryption In Transit and At-Rest
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Geographic Data Redundancy
LexWorkplace Logo


LexWorkplace DMS Screenshot

LexWorkplace offers document and email management tailored for law firms. Compatible with both Windows and Macs, it supports all document types and boasts features like full-text search, version control, and seamless integration with Office and Outlook.

Stand-Out Feature: Windows & Mac OS Compatible

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere

James: "Easy to use and reliable"

"LexWorkplace is to access, simple to use and simple to organize. It allows thousands of documents to be stored in an organized manner with complete flexibility for organizing clients and matters. The "tag" feature and other file labels are customizable to allow for information about the status of a matter to be known at a glance. Perhaps the best feature of LexWorkplace is that is is a very stable platform with virtually no downtime. The developers are not constantly tweaking the interface so that there is no need to constantly adjust your interaction with the platform."

(Source: Law Firm from Capterra)

Verified User: "Not for solo endeavors."

"I am a solo-member law firm, so this wasn't the best deal for me. The demo looked promising but you do need to go through Uptime if you want the software."

(Source: Law Firm from Lawyerist)
Explore LexWorkplacePricing
NetDocuments alternatives logo


Netdocuments Pricing Screenshot

NetDocuments is a general-purpose, cloud-based document storage and management platform. Designed for different industries, its flexibility allows adaptation to various business types. Primarily accessed via a web browser, this mostly cloud-based solution eliminates the need for a dedicated server.

Stand-Out Feature: Direct Document Saving (on Windows)

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere

Vinita: "NetDocuments-Ease to use"

"That it can be accessed from out of office, and very user friendly for document management, which in the legal services field is a must."

Betsy: "Review of NetDocuments."

"The Create Document function and merging data fields function result in multiple error messages requiring multiple attempts to create a document. These functions are very inefficient and frustrating to use."

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
NetDocuments ReviewNetDocuments Alternatives
Revver Logo

Revver (Formerly eFileCabinet)

Revver Screenshot

Revver is a streamlined software tailored for law firms to securely organize and manage crucial documents, though it’s suitable for other businesses. Users can efficiently categorize contracts, client files, invoices, and more.

Stand-Out Feature: Customizable File Organization

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere

Kimberly: "Easy to use"

"Revver is very easy to use. I'm a user (not an admin) but from my experience thus far, the files are easy to open and download."

Joey: "Slow, full of bugs, and is not admin-friendly."

"This software is probably great for new users whose documents are mostly digital. Do NOT sign up with eFileCabinet if you are migrating from previous DMS software. Getting onboarded has been an awful experience. Bulk changes to files/folders cannot be made.

On searches that have a large number of results, the export button does not work, and the column widths aren't adjustable, so if your file/path names are too long, there's no way to view your search results."

(Source: Law Firms from G2)
Explore Revver
SharePoint Logo

Microsoft SharePoint

sharepoint document workspace

SharePoint, a component of Office 365, functions as both an Intranet and a basic document management system. While it possesses foundational DMS attributes, it isn’t natively configured for legal workflows (like client/matters) and typically needs professional setup for optimal use.

Stand-Out Feature: Highly Customizable

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere

Julliana: "View, Edit and Save your Company Files in Real Time"

"Setting up Sharepoint was quite simple. Also, the ability for multiple users to share/edit/view documents in realtime is excellent."

Angeline: "Work intranet to connect"

"It took a while to actually get used to using SharePoint. Adding documents or even updating a site, you need to checkout, check-in and publish which are a lot of steps to do. However, once I got the hang of it, it became easier to use."

(Source: Law Firms from Software Advice)
SharePoint ReviewExplore SharePoint

Explore More Document Management Products

These represent our view of the top document management products within the broader scope of law firm software. To see even more options, check out our list of all of the law document management products.

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Build a Complete Law Office in the Cloud

Transitioning to the cloud offers vast benefits, but it’s essential to approach it correctly.

The wrong way: A hasty, disjointed cloud migration can lead to complications, like using cloud-based billing while still clinging to old server-based apps, resulting in incompatibility. This chaotic state is dubbed “Cloud Hell.”

The right way: A successful cloud transition requires a well-thought-out, holistic plan that addresses all technological aspects of your firm. It’s vital to ensure that every tech component has a designated place and function.

For a smooth migration, segment your law firm’s present and anticipated technology into distinct elements. Evaluate each, deciding if it will be migrated as is or replaced. Your cloud strategy should provide clear directives for each component.

How to Avoid "Cloud Hell"

Be wary when constructing your Cloud-based Law Office: Steer clear of a fragmented approach to your technology.

It’s a common pitfall: A law firm begins by transitioning to Office 365, marking their initial foray into the cloud. They then incorporate a cloud-based Practice Management system and, over time, mix in more cloud tools.

The result? A jumbled combination of cloud and on-premise solutions that lack cohesion and are challenging to oversee.


This is what we term “Cloud Hell”: an overwhelming number of applications with no unified platform or centralized responsibility and support.

To sidestep Cloud Hell, we suggest adopting a consolidated solution for your Law Office in the Cloud, like our Uptime Practice Next package.

RelatedYour Complete Law Office in the Cloud: Using the right strategy to get your complete law office in the cloud can make a huge difference.

Frequently Asked Questions - Cloud-Based Law Firm Software

Law firm software is engineered to cater to the unique needs of legal professionals. It provides a centralized platform to efficiently manage various tasks that traditionally demanded hours of manual work, ensuring law firms operate optimally and deliver the best service to their clients. Whether it’s keeping track of client details, automating document creation, or ensuring timely billing, these tools have become indispensable in the modern legal landscape.

Law Firm Software is often categorized into three types: Practice Management, Legal Accounting, and Document Management.

However, you’ll often find that these three categories overlap based on what they offer/what they’re capable of.

You could potentially find more categories than this, but this is a good summary of the most important types of Law Firm Software.

  • Productivity Software
  • Note-Taking Software
  • Digital Signature Apps
  • Legal Accounting Software
  • Time & Billing Software
  • Payment Processing
  • CRM & Intake Software
  • Practice Management Software.
  • Document Automation Software
  • Cloud Storage Platforms
  • Document Management Software

In particular, lawyers face special challenges such as the need for compliance with law, client confidentiality, detailed case monitoring, significant volumes of documents and different billing needs. This is ensured by specialized software which makes it possible to meet these needs effectively.

Reputable software solutions from law firms prioritize security, often using encryption, two-factor authentication, and periodic audits.

However, always verify the security features before committing to any platform.

In order to ensure a smooth working process, the most modern legal practice software solutions are offering some level of integration with popular tools such as email platforms, calendars applications, accounting programs or any other kind of legal software.

Both have advantages.

Cloud based solutions make it possible for users to access from any place and reduce their individual burdens in order to better concentrate on actual legal work, rather than IT problems.

Sometimes on premises solutions provide more control of data and can be customized, but they may require an initial larger investment and require you to manage your technology more closely.

Yes, a number of software tools for law firms support collaboration by giving multiple users access to cases, exchanging notes, assigning tasks and communicating in an Integrated Messaging Platform.

The difficulty varies. Some software solutions provide built in tools and services for migration, while others may need to have the data transferred manually or assisted by an external service.

Absolutely. In order to facilitate the use of automation and management tools, without requiring a wide range of functionalities for larger firms, numerous software suppliers provide configurable solutions that suit small practices or solo practitioners.

Looking for Document Management Software?


Modern Document Management for Law Firms

LexWorkplace is document & email management software, born in the cloud and built for law firms.  Here’s a quick primer on how it works.

Organize by Client & Matter

Organize documents, email and notes by client or matter. Store and manage all data for a case or project in one place.


Go Beyond Basic Files & Folders

Supercharge your firm’s productivity with true DMS functions.

  • Version Management
  • Document Tagging & Profiling
  • Document Check-Out / Check-In
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Convert Word Docs to PDF
Document Properties

Search Everything

LexWorkplace is like Google for your law firm.  Search across millions of pages, documents, folder email and notes in seconds. Refine your search by matter, document type, author and more.


Search by…

  • Client or Matter
  • Document Type (Contract, Complaint, Order, etc.)
  • Document Status (Draft, Final, etc.)
  • Document Tags (Filed With Court, Fully Executed, etc.)

Outlook Integration + Comprehensive Email Management

Save emails to a matter without leaving Outlook. Saved emails are accessible to your entire team, organized and searchable.

  • Outlook Add-In that Works With Windows and Macs
  • Save Entire, Original Email to a Matter in a LexWorkplace
  • Email De-Duplication
  • Organize Emails into Folders, Subfolders

Works with Windows and Macs

All of LexWorkplace is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

What Clients Say

Lawyers love LexWorkplace.  See how the system streamlined one lawyer’s practice.

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See LexWorkplace in action in our quick 5-minute overview and demonstration.

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