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Worldox Alternatives for Law Firms

Worldox is popular document management software used by a variety of industries, including law firms.

For one reason or another, however, you might be looking for Worldox alternatives.  For example, maybe you’ve heard that NetDocuments has acquired Worldox, leading to a mass migration effort of Worldox users to NetDocuments.

However, not everyone wants to make that switch.

As Worldox Phases Out, Consider LexWorkplace, as this Reviewer has:

Best replacement for Worldox out there. From the moment I reached out, until just moments ago when I was asked how everything was going, it’s been wonderful. Everyone is invested in making LexWorkplace the best DMS out there.
– Kathleen N. via Capterra

Reasons to Consider Worldox Alternatives

Many Worldox users seek alternatives due to the desire for a more intuitive and modern user interface.

Alternatives often offer cleaner designs, more straightforward navigation, and enhanced customization options, making it easier for new users to adapt and for teams to work more efficiently.


Cost Efficiency & Transparency

Worldox can be an investment, especially for small to mid-sized firms.

Alternatives might offer more transparent, flexible pricing models, such as subscription-based services, which can provide a better return on investment by including updates and support at no additional cost.


Enhanced User Experience and Interface

Many Worldox users seek alternatives due to the desire for a more intuitive and modern user interface.

Alternatives often offer cleaner designs, more straightforward navigation, and enhanced customization options, making it easier for new users to adapt and for teams to work more efficiently.


Superior Support and Training Resources

The level of support and training provided can make a significant difference, especially during the transition to a new DMS.

Alternatives might offer more comprehensive onboarding processes, responsive customer service, and extensive online training resources, facilitating a smoother transition and ongoing usage.


Advanced Collaboration Features

Collaboration is key in today’s legal practices.

Alternatives may offer more sophisticated tools for real-time editing, version control, and secure sharing both internally and with clients, enhancing teamwork and client service.


Integration with Other Tools

Seamless integration with other legal tech tools and platforms can significantly enhance productivity.

Some alternatives to Worldox may offer better or more integrations with practice management software, email platforms, and other productivity tools, creating a more streamlined workflow.


Enhanced Security and Compliance Features

While Worldox offers robust security features, alternatives might provide newer, more innovative security measures or better compliance with specific regulatory standards, such as GDPR or HIPAA, which are crucial for legal practices handling sensitive information.


Cloud-Based Flexibility

As firms move towards remote work, cloud-based document management systems (DMS) offer flexibility that traditional, on-premises solutions like Worldox might not fully support.

Cloud-based alternatives provide secure access from anywhere, at any time, without the need for VPNs or dedicated server infrastructure.

LexWorkplace Top Features

Cloud-based Document Management

  • Secure Cloud Storage
  • Client/Matter-Centric Org
  • Full-Text Document Search
  • Secure Client Sharing
  • MS Office Add-In
  • Email Management
  • Windows + Mac Compatible

Considering Worldox alternatives is crucial for law firms aiming to navigate the rapidly changing legal tech landscape.

The right choice hinges on several factors. An informed decision balances these elements with your firm’s unique requirements and aspirations.

Ultimately, the ideal document management solution should enhance efficiency, ensure data security, and adapt to your firm’s evolving needs, enabling you to stay competitive in a dynamic industry.

Worldox Alternative: Basic Cloud Storage

When considering alternatives to Worldox, it’s relevant to examine basic cloud storage solutions like Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox.

These platforms are recognized for their straightforward storage functions, accessibility, and user-friendly design. In this context, we will assess each service’s features with a focus on their applicability to law firms.

Although these options are known for their convenience, it’s crucial to point out that they likely won’t completely satisfy the complex document management and security demands unique to the legal industry.

This observation guides us towards investigating more specialized, legal-focused software solutions that are potentially more adept at meeting the nuanced requirements of legal practices.

Google Drive

Google Drive Logo
google drive law firm sample
Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere
Desktop OS Compatibility
Server / Infrastructure Requirements

Google Drive, a key component of Google’s ecosystem, provides straightforward cloud storage, and its affordability and ease of use stand out as significant advantages. Yet, for law firms in need of sophisticated document management features, the basic nature of Google Drive may fall short, even though it could be a suitable option for firms deeply integrated with Google’s suite of services.

Google Drive WebsiteRead the Full Review


box logo
Box Drive
Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere
Desktop OS Compatibility
Server / Infrastructure Requirements

Box is marketed as a cloud storage solution tailored for business needs, highlighting its strengths in security, collaboration, and the ability to integrate with other cloud-based applications. Despite its wide-ranging business utility, Box might not adequately address the specific requirements of law firms.

Visit Website


dropbox logo
dropbox screenshot 1
Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere
Desktop OS Compatibility
Server / Infrastructure Requirements

Dropbox, known for leading the way in cloud storage, is celebrated for its simplicity and effectiveness for both personal and professional use. While it serves well for individual file management, using Dropbox to synchronize files for an entire organization across many computers can introduce conflicts and sync errors, presenting a significant challenge for larger teams.

Dropbox WebsiteRead the Full Review

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In examining alternatives to Worldox, including basic cloud storage options like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box, it becomes apparent that these platforms provide general ease of use and broad accessibility for different types of businesses.

Yet, their shortfall in offering specialized features that cater specifically to the legal sector—such as enhanced document management, robust security protocols, and stringent compliance standards—underscores a notable deficiency for law firms.

Although these services may function as temporary solutions or augment current systems, law firms in search of a thorough, legal-focused document management approach should look towards dedicated alternatives crafted to address their unique requirements.

Document Management Software

Before delving into the best Worldox Alternatives, let’s define what exactly Document Management software is. This software category is designed to store and organize both documents and emails, particularly in a client or matter-focused manner (in the case of Legal Document Management Software).

Document Management Software typically provides the following functionality:

  • Document / File Storage
  • Document Tagging / Profiling / Metadata
  • Full-Text Search
  • Email Management
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Document Version Management
  • Document Check-Out / In
  • Unique Document ID
  • External Sharing

With that definition in mind, let’s jump into our list of the top Worldox Alternatives for law firms.



Uptime Legal Logo
LexWorkplace UI Screenshot
Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere
Desktop OS Compatibility
Server / Infrastructure Requirements

LexWorkplace is a cloud-based, matter-centric document & email management system. LexWorkplace works natively on both Windows and Mac OS.  LexWorkplace will keep your documents, email and notes organized by matter, indexed and searchable. LexWorkplace includes document versioning, powerful search, email management/Outlook integration and document tagging/profiling.

LexWorkplace WebsiteWatch DemoSee Pricing

LexWorkplace Success Story

See how one law firm uses LexWorkplace to organize their documents and streamline their practice.

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prolaw screenshot
Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere
Desktop OS Compatibility
Server / Infrastructure Requirements

ProLaw is a combination Practice Management, Document Management and Accounting software.  While ProLaw’s document management capabilities are leaner than stand-alone DMS software, ProLaw is the only application that provides practice, document and accounting management in one product.  ProLaw is server-based, which means it requires a sophisticated on-premise server or a robust private cloud.

ProLaw ReviewProLaw WebsiteHosted ProLaw



iManage Logo
imanage screenshot
Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere
Desktop OS Compatibility
Server / Infrastructure Requirements

iManage Work is a long-running DMS. It is powerful and robust and provides as many, or more functions to manage documents and email as other Document Management Systems in the industry.  iManage does require significant server resources, as well as a highly specialized IT expert to implement and administer. iManage can be run on your own in-house server or in a private cloud.

iManage ReviewiManage WebsiteHosted iManage



Leap Screenshot
Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere
Desktop OS Compatibility
Server / Infrastructure Requirements

LEAP is robust Practice Management software with integrated Document Management and Document Assembly capabilities.  In addition to standard client/case management, LEAP includes many local and federal forms, allowing you to quickly generate and save most commonly-used forms and documents.

LEAP ReviewLEAP WebsiteLEAP + IT Support



SharePoint Logo
Sharepoint Screenshot
Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere
Desktop OS Compatibility
Server / Infrastructure Requirements

SharePoint, part of Microsoft’s Office 365 suite, is a cloud-based Intranet, company portal and lightweight Document Management System.  Law firms can configure libraries and manage documents for client or matters.  However, SharePoint requires customization by a SharePoint expert to be useful.

SharePoint ReviewSharePoint Website



Revver Logo
Revver Screenshot
Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere
Desktop OS Compatibility
Server / Infrastructure Requirements

Revver is a document management platform tailored to provide secure and structured storage solutions for critical documents. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of law firms but is versatile enough to be suitable for a wide range of business sectors. The platform supports effective storage and organization of key documents such as contracts, client records, invoices, among others, enhancing document accessibility and management efficiency.

Revver Website



edocs logo
edocs screenshot
Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere
Desktop OS Compatibility
Server / Infrastructure Requirements

eDOCS is a document management solution that provides secure and efficient management of documents for organizations. It’s designed to cater to various industries, enabling users to easily organize, store, and access vital documents, such as legal files, business contracts, and operational documents, in a centralized system. This platform supports streamlined document handling processes, facilitating improved collaboration and compliance management.

eDOCS Website

Worldox - A Mini Review

Worldox is a comprehensive, on-premise document management solution that serves a broad spectrum of industries, not just legal practices. Its robust features support integration with various business systems, making it a versatile choice for different organizational needs.

This platform is grounded in on-premise technology, requiring users to access Worldox through networked computers within a firm’s infrastructure, contrasting with the cloud-based, serverless access seen in many Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms.

However, Worldox is not the perfect fit for every firm. Organizations planning their technology roadmap should closely evaluate Worldox to confirm it aligns with their operational expectations.

For instance, a notable functionality of Worldox is its GX4 integration, which enhances document retrieval and management through a highly intuitive user interface. Yet, this integration leans heavily on traditional, Windows-based environments, potentially complicating usage for firms predominantly using other operating systems.

Moreover, since Worldox is not inherently cloud-based, firms looking for the flexibility to access documents from anywhere might need to implement additional solutions to enable remote access securely.

Such specifics can impact a firm’s operational efficiency and adaptability if not fully considered. Therefore, a detailed exploration of Worldox is advised to ensure it meets the anticipated needs and workflows of your firm.


Worldox Logo Compressed
Worldox Screenshot
Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere
Desktop OS Compatibility
Server / Infrastructure Requirements

Worldox is a document management platform widely adopted by legal firms and diverse sectors for its robust, on-premise system dedicated to organizing and securing a law firm’s documents. It operates as a centralized solution, facilitating the storage, retrieval, and management of critical files within an organization’s own IT infrastructure.

Worldox WebsiteHosted Worldox

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Advantages of Worldox

Integration with Legal Software

Worldox seamlessly integrates with specific legal practice management software, including Tabs3 and PracticeMaster, streamlining your workflow.

Strong Support Network

With a longstanding presence in the industry, Worldox boasts robust support through a wide network of certified consultants. However, with NetDocuments' recent acquisition, there may be concerns about future support availability.

Superior Organization Capabilities

Worldox offers advanced features for organizing, classifying, and searching documents, providing a significant improvement over traditional folder-based systems found in solutions like Google Drive or SharePoint.

Drawbacks of Worldox

Lack of Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Being server-based, Worldox requires the maintenance of an on-premise server or the adoption of a Private Cloud solution for hosting.

No Native Support for Mac OS

Direct assistance from Worldox for data migration or software training is absent. Instead, the company mandates the use of third-party consultants for these services, leading to mixed user experiences.

Migration and Training Outsourced

For data migration and training, Worldox relies on third-party consultants, a practice that has received mixed reviews from users.

Opaque Pricing Structure

Worldox does not publicly share its pricing or offer insights into typical costs associated with migration or onboarding, which are handled by third parties.

Limited Support for Office, Exchange, and IT

Unlike some firms that prefer a unified provider for Office 365, Exchange Email, IT support, and document management, Worldox does not offer these services directly. They suggest partnering with a separate IT consultant, which could lead to challenges, especially when navigating the integration between Outlook and Worldox, despite features designed to enhance their interoperability.

“Good product with frustratingly complicated interface.”

Verified User in Law Practice

3 star Worldox Review from Customer

“Serves its purpose but the interface is so complicated as to be burdensome.  I live the way Worldox integrates with our file system and software to make document magical more logical.  I’m particularly fond of the file versioning features.

Sometimes, it can be very difficult to figure out how to do something. The help function is not entirely helpful and Worldox’s reliance on affiliated service providers to work with firms to set up and train the product make it a little expensive when problems arise. Also not very easy to recover documents.”

“Worldox is Powerful but Complex.”

Verified User in Law Practice

4 star Worldox Review from Customer

“What I like most about this software is the power it has to manage large volumes of data within our network. It has also done a great job of continuing to provide timely updates that enhance the user experience.

What I like least about this software is its complexity. I have had users new to Worldox really take some time to get used to the processes Worldox requires. The categorization of documents also leaves a bit to be desired as far as sub-categorization is concerned.”

“I wouldn’t recommend. There are more organized and user-friendly systems out there.”

Angela in Contract Administration

1 star Worldox Review from Customer

Pros: allowed for multiple functions of contract drafting. Not a contract management/storage database but contract drafting was convenient.

Cons: not a system for storing finalized documentation and easy retrieval. Further – there is no uninstall protocol, years after cancelling and terminating and removing from your network, you will still have Worldox linked to your system.

It is overly frustrating to use a system that didn’t perform, but then years later to continue to have issues with your Excel and Microsoft because of macros that are blocking usage yet are not able to be found within the system. Worldox is of no assistance with removing their system.

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Worldox Alternatives Features Guide

Legal document management software distinguishes itself from basic on-premise file servers or simple cloud storage by not just storing documents, but also providing comprehensive tools to manage them effectively.

The ‘management’ aspect is what truly sets document management software apart, offering functionalities beyond mere storage.

This type of software is available in two main formats: on-premise, where it’s installed on local servers within your own IT infrastructure, and cloud-based, offering remote access via the internet. The range, features, and capabilities of legal document management software differ significantly from one product to another.

However, at its core, document management software typically offers the following functions:

Document & File Storage

The basic storage of documents and other types of electronic files.

Document Profiling / Metadata

The ability to apply attributes (metadata) to documents, including document classifications, types and tags, as well as the ability to apply internal notes to documents.  For instance, the ability to classify a document as a contract or an order.  

Full-Text Search

The ability to search across all documents (and sometimes email), including the file name, metadata and content of documents.

Unique Document ID

Every document is assigned a unique ID, which does not change even if the file name or location of the document does.

Document Check-Out / In

The ability to check a document out, prohibiting others from changing it while the document is checked out to you.

Microsoft Office Integration

Direct integration with the Office suite, typically including Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Document Version Management

The automatic creation and tracking of versions of documents as they are changed.

Email Management

The ability to easily save email messages to a matter, typically via an Outlook add-in.  Learn more about Email Management for Law Firms.

Permissions & Access Management

The ability to permit (or restrict) access to particular matters or data within your firm.

Favorite & Recent Documents

Quick and easy access to recently accessed documents, as well as the ability to "pin" documents as a favorite.

Matter Notes

The ability to create and save Matter Notes within the DMS software.

More modern, cloud-based Document Management Systems sometimes include these more sophisticated features:

Full Windows & Mac OS Compatibility

Native Windows and Mac support, without the need for virtualization software (such as Parallels).

Practice Management Integration

Integration with your chosen Law Practice Management software such as Clio Manage.

Geographic Data Redundancy

Automatic replication/backup of your data to geographically redundant data centers.

End-to-End Data Encryption

Full encryption of your data in-transit and at-rest, adding enhanced security and compliance.

Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA, requiring a second factor to log into the system, enhancing security and compliance.

Navigating through the myriad of features and considerations is key when seeking the best Document Management Software, especially when looking into Worldox Alternatives.

Understanding the complexities of this decision, we have compiled the Legal Document Management Comparison Chart. This tool is crafted to underscore the varied features that are significant, assisting you in selecting the DMS that precisely matches your firm’s needs.

Below is an example snippet from the chart:

DMS Comparison Chart

Cloud-based Document Management

As you explore Worldox alternatives, we encourage you to look at cloud-based alternatives to Worldox.

In recent years, law firms have been making the switch from traditional document management systems to cloud-based ones, and the results have been pretty impressive. Firms that have made the transition have seen improvements in productivity, service levels, and efficiency. The key is that cloud-based systems make it easier to locate, access, create, edit, save, share, and store documents, all while providing greater flexibility, data security, and IT efficiency.

Benefits of cloud-based document management software include:

1. Data Security

With a reputable cloud-based system, your data will be more secure than it would be on your in-house file server. The system will provide complete data encryption in-transit and at-rest, multi-factor authentication, and geographically redundant backups/data centers, among other security measures.

2. Work Anywhere

Cloud-based systems allow your entire team to work from anywhere with the same access to client and firm documents, without sacrificing security.

Law Firm Document Management Software

3. Reduced Risk of Data Loss

With server-based setups, data loss can occur if the backup procedure fails. But with a cloud-based system, your data will be automatically replicated and stored across multiple, geographically dispersed data centers, reducing the risk of data loss.

4. Lower IT Costs and Fewer Headaches

Server-based systems require IT oversight and can get expensive, especially for smaller law firms. With a cloud-based system, there are no servers to own or manage, and no software to install and keep updated on each computer.

5. Automatic Software Updates

Cloud-based software eliminates the need to manually update software on your server and desktop computers. Cloud software publishers typically release new features and bugfixes on a routine basis.

6. Scalability

Cloud-based systems are infinitely scalable, allowing you to add storage and users as needed, and pay only for what you need.

Cloud-based legal document management systems can provide a more secure, flexible, and efficient solution for law firms. If you’re considering a change, it might be worth taking a closer look.

Legacy Document Management Software

As we wrap our our outline of Worldox alternatives, we’ll close on this note:

Document management software has been around and in use for a long time. Unfortunately, some of the older applications present significant challenges for law firms looking to implement new document management software. Older applications often require expense server infrastructure and a specialized consultant to setup and manage the installation.

We cover these challenges (and what to do about it) in our video: The Problem With Legacy Document Management Software.

We hope you found this lineup of Worldox alternatives useful.  Should you wish to learn more about document management software and today’s options, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Worldox Alternatives - Frequently Asked Questions

Firms might look into Worldox alternatives for reasons such as seeking cloud-based solutions, requiring more modern interfaces, desiring enhanced integration with other legal tech tools, or needing different pricing models to better fit their budget and operational needs.

Key features include intuitive user interfaces, robust security measures, comprehensive search and organization capabilities, seamless integration with legal and productivity software, cloud-based access for flexibility and remote work, and reliable customer support and training resources.

A cloud-based DMS offers remote access to documents, reducing the need for physical storage and on-premise IT infrastructure, enhancing collaboration among team members, and ensuring data is backed up and secure in the cloud.

Yes, many alternatives to Worldox are designed to integrate seamlessly with popular legal practice management systems, providing streamlined workflows and reducing the need for duplicate data entry across platforms.

Consider data migration processes, training for your team on the new system, compatibility with your existing software ecosystem, the potential downtime during the switch, and how the new system’s features align with your firm’s specific needs.

Many alternatives provide more flexible customization options and scalability to accommodate the growth of your firm, allowing you to add features, users, and storage as needed without significant disruptions or cost increases.

Alternatives often feature advanced security protocols such as encryption, two-factor authentication, and compliance with industry standards (e.g., HIPAA for healthcare-related legal work), ensuring that sensitive client data is protected.

Challenges may include ensuring complete data migration, getting staff up to speed with the new system, aligning the new system with existing workflows, and initial investment in terms of time and resources for the transition.

While Worldox has a network of certified consultants, alternatives might offer a range of support options including in-house customer service, online training materials, and community forums, potentially providing a more direct or varied support experience.

Yes, several alternatives offer competitive pricing structures, including subscription-based models that can be more cost-effective for smaller firms by reducing upfront costs and offering more predictable ongoing expenses.

Looking for Document Management Software?


Modern Document Management for Law Firms

LexWorkplace is document & email management software, born in the cloud and built for law firms.  Here’s a quick primer on how it works.

Organize by Client & Matter

Organize documents, email and notes by client or matter. Store and manage all data for a case or project in one place.


Go Beyond Basic Files & Folders

Supercharge your firm’s productivity with true DMS functions.

  • Version Management
  • Document Tagging & Profiling
  • Document Check-Out / Check-In
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Automatic, Integrated OCR
  • Convert Word Docs to PDF
Document Properties

Search Everything

LexWorkplace is like Google for your law firm.  Search across millions of pages, documents, folder email and notes in seconds. Refine your search by matter, document type, author and more.


Search by…

  • Client or Matter
  • Document Type (Contract, Complaint, Order, etc.)
  • Document Status (Draft, Final, etc.)
  • Document Tags (Filed With Court, Fully Executed, etc.)

Outlook Integration + Comprehensive Email Management

Save emails to a matter without leaving Outlook. Saved emails are accessible to your entire team, organized and searchable.

  • Outlook Add-In that Works With Windows and Macs
  • Save Entire, Original Email to a Matter in a LexWorkplace
  • Email De-Duplication
  • Organize Emails into Folders, Subfolders

Works with Windows and Macs

All of LexWorkplace is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

What Clients Say

Lawyers love LexWorkplace.  See how the system streamlined one lawyer’s practice.

Watch the 5-Minute Demo

See LexWorkplace in action in our quick 5-minute overview and demonstration.

Or, if you want a one-on-one demo, or want to talk about LexWorkplace for your firm, schedule a call or demo below.

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