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paperless law office

How to Achieve a Paperless Law Office

To better organize your firm, consider implementing a paperless law office. Here's a step-by-step guide to achieving the paperless law firm dream.
legal document management

Legal Document Management:  Server-based, Hosted or Web-based

What is the difference between having a server, cloud, and web-based software for your law firm? And which is more appropriate for legal document management
Legal document management with documents all over the place with umbrella and businessman

What is Legal Document Management?

What is legal document management? And how does that differ from "regular" document management or document storage? We explore these differences.
person sitting at table trying to choose the best legal document management software

Finding the Best Legal Document Management Software

What is the best legal document management software for your law firm? We investigate and evaluate the different options out there.
legal document management

When Do You Need Legal Document Management?

If your law firm is evaluating its files and document organization, you may be wondering if a legal document management system would benefit. We dive in.

Document Management vs Consumer-Grade Cloud Storage

Learn the differences between true Law Firm Document Management software and basic, consumer-grade cloud storage services.
law firm document management

11 Reasons Your Law Firm Needs Document & Email Management

Law Firm Document Management: 11 reasons your law firm should implement a solution to properly manage and organize documents and email.

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