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Published: December 7, 2023|In Legal Document Management|By Dennis Dimka

iManage PricingAs law firms expand and adapt to new technology, the need for a Document Management System (DMS) becomes paramount to ensure their mounting pile of documents stays organized and secure. This has driven many firms to look at software like iManage Work.

Yet, iManage’s pricing structure isn’t transparent, with no information being available on their website. In this article, we’ll discuss known pricing details for iManage Work.

After reading this article, you’ll know:

  • The average setup expenses for iManage
  • Common monthly costs associated with iManage
  • Additional factors to think about when evaluating iManage

All iManage pricing information described here is sourced from current iManage users and consultants. Pricing may change from time-to-time and is ultimately at the discretion of its publisher.

In This Article

iManage Work – Cloud and On-Premise

iManage Work stands out from competitors by offering both cloud and on-premise solutions, catering to different types of law firms.

Let’s break down each option.

Cloud-based iManage Work is more flexible and is easier to on-board. Like other cloud-based services, users can access their documents whenever and wherever they need to, whether at court, in transit, or from the comfort of their homes.

iManage’s cloud-based offering also emphasizes security, including end-to-end encryption, consistent backups, and strict compliance standards, assuring firms of their data’s safety. Plus, it’s the more cost-efficient option, with minimal upfront investment and no need to maintain a physical server.

On-premise iManage Work is ideal for firms who want more control over their systems. It’s great for firms that require specific IT configurations or that have stringent data handling requirements.

There is a significant upfront cost involved in setting up the infrastructure, but it is a one-time investment. In the long run, it can economically benefit firms who want to maintain their infrastructure internally.

iManage Pricing – Implementation

We’ll start our analysis of iManage pricing with a review of typical implementation costs.

iManage doesn’t handle the implementation (or onboarding) of new customers themselves. Instead, they refer new customers to an Implementation Partner (of which there are over 150). These are companies that perform software migrations and will usually have experience with iManage Work.

Because of this, iManage pricing as it relates to implementation varies. Each Implementation Partner has their own pricing structure.

At Uptime Legal, we work with numerous clients and consultants for iManage. The ranges below represent typical implementation costs for iManage Work.

iManage Work Implementation Pricing

  • Firms of 10 to 25 Users: $10,000 - $15,000
  • Firms of 25 to 50 Users: $15,000- $25,000
  • Firms of 51 Users or More: $25,000+

iManage Pricing – Monthly

We’ll continue our analysis of iManage Work pricing with a review of typical monthly costs.

iManage doesn’t publish pricing or make the cost of their software public anywhere, including on their website. This sales tactic makes finding information on iManage’s pricing structure a challenge.

Below you’ll find the most current and accurate known pricing gathered from our clients and partners who have first-hand experience with iManage Work.

This information may change and is ultimately at the discretion of iManage.

iManage Monthly Pricing

  • The monthly price for iManage is largely based on the number of users, the amount of storage needed, and any additional options.
  • Users and consultants report pricing from $50 to $75/user/month, usually with a minimum of 10 users.
  • Purchasing the on-premise (non-hosted) version of iManage will require a significant additional investment in server infrastructure.
imanage work demo

Additional iManage Work Pricing Factors

If your firm is evaluating iManage, these are some additional pricing factors and considerations.

Software Deployment: On-Premise or Hosted

Licensing Model: Perpetual License or Subscription-based (SBL)

Free Trial Offered: No

Free/Freemium Edition Offered: No

Onboarding Included: No (Third-Party Consultant Required)

iManage Software Highlights

With iManage pricing covered, next we’ll provide an overview of the iManage software itself. If you’re a law firm considering iManage, here is an executive summary.

iManage Work is premise-based document management and knowledge management software.

Features & Scope
Ease of Use
Mobility / Work Anywhere
Desktop OS Compatibility
Server / Infrastructure Requirements

Key Take-Aways

  • iManage Work is a powerful DMS and ECM platform that runs on an on-premise server.
  • iManage also offers a hosted option for an additional monthly fee.
  • iManage Work has a powerful full-text index engine which powers its search feature.
  • iManage Work requires significant server infrastructure to run adequately, and is best suited for large law firms.
  • iManage Work requires a specialized IT consultant to implement and administer the platform.

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iManage Pros and Cons

To assist you with evaluating iManage for your law firm, we’ll provide a sample of the key advantages and drawbacks of iManage, as defined by our team and our clients that use iManage.

iManage Pros

  • Powerful DMS - Offers advanced document management features that are great for large law firms
  • Fast DMS - Fast and responsive document operations
  • Better Than Basic Files & Folders - More tools to organize/manage docs

iManage Cons

  • Server-Based Only (Plus Faux-Cloud Option) - No true cloud-based option
  • Expensive Outside Consultant Required - Must work with an Implementation Specialist
  • Steep Learning Curve - Requires some effort to use well

For a complete list of pros and cons, see our iManage Review for Law Firms.

imanage document viewing

iManage Alternatives

If iManage doesn’t suit your law firm, you might consider these other popular alternatives.



Cloud-based Document & Email Management exclusively for law firms.  Easy to use, conversion and training provided by the LexWorkplace team.  Learn more.



Long-running document management software often used by law firms.  Worldox is premise-based and requires in-house servers.  Learn more.

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Conclusion & Further Reading

That covers our analysis of iManage pricing. If your law firm is exploring document management software options, take a look at these additional resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

iManage Work is a server-based (with a faux-cloud option) document management software used by a variety of industries.

iManage does not make its pricing publicly available. Review the top of this article for the latest reported iManage pricing.

iManage provides law firms with an integrated document and email management solution, streamlining workflows and ensuring secure collaboration on legal cases and documents. It centralizes all case-related content, making it easily accessible while maintaining robust security protocols tailored for the legal industry.

Yes, iManage is both a Windows and Mac-based software.

Yes, iManage Work provides document-sharing capabilities. Users can securely share documents with both internal colleagues and external parties.

This depends on your law firm’s interpretation of ‘e-Discovery Software.’ iManage is a DMS and not designed to be a formal e-Discovery platform. However, if your e-Discovery needs are light, iManage may serve this purpose.

iManage is not plug-and-play, and the implementation process is not insignificant. For this reason, iManage will assign new customers to a local reseller/consultant for implementation, including data migration and training.

Popular iManage alternatives for law firms include LexWorkplace and Worldox. For more information, explore our Top iManage Alternatives.

We also invite you to explore LexWorkplace, modern document management made exclusively for law firms.

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