New in LexWorkplace: Search Enhancements

November 8, 2022|In New in LexWorkplace|By Dennis Dimka

In this release

  • New Global Search
  • Quick Matter Drop-Down
  • Search This Matter
  • Search This Client
  • Options for Results Order
  • Enhancement to Column Filters

We’ve made some big enhancements to Search in LexWorkkplace!

LexWorkplace Global Search

We’ve added a new, Global Search to the top bar of LexWorkplace.  This gives you the ability to perform a search (and more…) from anywhere in LexWorkplace.

Global File Search

The new Global Search is context-aware, meaning a search performed with it is contextually relevant to your current location.

  • If you're within a Matter, Global Search will default to Search This Matter.
  • If you're within a Client, Global Search will default to Search These Matters (all matters for that client).
  • If you're anywhere else in LexWorkplace, Global Search will allow you to Search All of LexWorkplace.
Search within a Matter

Quick Matter Drop-Down

The new Global Search allows you to search for specific text from anywhere in the system.  In addition, if your search query matches the name of a matter, you’ll see the option “Go To Matter →” that allows you to jump right to this matter.

This allows you to quickly go to specific matters from anywhere in LexWorkplace.

Jump to a Matter

Search Results Order

We’ve also improved the search results order.  You can now order search results (sort by):

  • Date Modified - Newest to Oldest
  • Date Modified - Oldest to Newest
  • Relevance

Relevance is a metric within LexWorkplace’s search algorithm that deduces the likely relevance of that document to your search term, including factors such as number of hits (occurrences of your search term).

Filter UI Improvements

We’ve also added placeholder text (“Filter…”) to the column headers used to filter any list in LexWorkplace.  This makes them easier to find, as well as clarifies the field’s purpose (filter vs. search).

Filtering Fields on LexWorkplace

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Coming Soon to LexWorkplace

We’re working hard on the next major updates to LexWorkplace.  Coming soon:

  • Convert Word Document to PDF
  • Request / Receive Documents (External)
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