New in LexWorkplace: Microsoft Office Addin

Updated: March 28, 2024|In New in LexWorkplace|By Dennis Dimka

In this release

  • Microsoft Office Addin
  • Clio Integration Bugfixes

We’re very excited to release our all-new Microsoft Office Addin for LexWorkplace!

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Microsoft Office Addin

LexWorkplace has always worked seamlessly with the Microsoft Office suite.  With the release of our new Office Addin, LexWorkplace and Office work even better together.

Save to LexWorkplace from Word/Excel/PowerPoint

With the new Office Addin, you can now save documents to any matter or location in LexWorkplace, right from within Word/Excel/PowerPoint.  From within your office document, simply click ‘Save to LexWorkplace,’ and a LexWorkplace sidebar will open up, allowing you to navigate your matters and save the document directly to LexWorkplace.

This is particularly useful when opening a document from outside of LexWorkplace (such as, for instance, an email attachment), then saving to a matter (or Firm Documents) in LexWorkplace.

Open Document From LexWorkplace

With the new Office Addin, you can also open documents from LexWorkplace within Word/Excel/PowerPoint.  With an Office application open, simply click ‘Open From LexWorkplace,’ then navigate your matters to find an open a document, right from Word/Excel/PowerPoint.

  • You can get the new LexWorkplace Office Addin from the Microsoft Office Store here.
  • Learn how to add Office addins for Windows and Mac OS.

Clio Integration Bugfixes

We also fixed a bug where firms with many matters in Clio could not see/link matters from Clio in LexWorkplace.

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