New in LexWorkplace: Integrated OCR

Updated: March 1, 2024|In New in LexWorkplace|By Dennis Dimka
LX - Integrated OCR

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  • Integrated OCR
  • LexWorkplace Advanced (Edition)

We’re very excited to release Integrated, Automatic OCR in LexWorkplace!

Integrated OCR

Integrated/automatic OCR has been our top-most requested feature.  We’ve been working on it for a while, and are excited to release it now!

Here’s how it works.

  • Going forward, when any user uploads any PDF, LexWorkplace will scan the PDF to determine if it has already been OCR’d.  If not, it will (1) OCR the document using our built-in OCR engine, then (2) index the document for search (like always).
  • The system will not “back-fill” existing documents, meaning your firm’s existing documents will not be automatically OCR’d; however all new documents moving forward will be automatically OCR’d.
  • Users can, however, manually OCR any existing document by navigating to that document’s Properties screen, and clicking Request OCR.

LexWorkplace Advanced

Integrated OCR is part of the new Advanced edition of LexWorkplace.  (You can see your edition of LexWorkplace in the bottom-right of the application.)  LexWorkplace Advanced has Integrated OCR and more advanced features coming soon, including Document AI, Audit Trails/Reporting and more.

Existing LexWorkplace Starter and Core customers will have access to the new Integrated OCR feature at no additional cost for 90 days.  This means that if you are a LexWorkplace customer, Integrated OCR will be enabled for your account and can be used by anyone in your firm.

After 90 days, you  can decide to keep Integrated OCR by upgrading to LexWorkplace Advanced, or not by simply staying on LexWorkplace Core.  Any documents OCR’d during the 90 day window will remain OCR’d.

LexWorkplace Editions

To recap the three different editions of LexWorkplace:

  • LexWorkplace Core is the standard LexWorkplace that you know and love.  It includes all currently released features, and is the edition that all current LexWorkplace users are using.
  • LexWorkplace Starter is our recently-launched limited version of LexWorkplace, free for Uptime Practice customers.
  • LexWorkplace Advanced, which is coming soon, will include advanced DMS capabilities such as Integrated OCR and Document AI.

Check out our Editions & Pricing for more information.

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