New in LexWorkplace: Permissions & Groups

New in LexWorkplace:  Permissions & Groups

In this release

  • Matter Permissions
  • Group Management

Matter Permissions

You can now assign permissions to each individual matter within your LexWorkplace account.

By default, every matter in LexWorkplace is accessible to your entire firm.  With the new Matter Permissions functionality, you can restrict access to any matter to specific users or groups within your firm.

This is useful for managing sensitive matters or establishing ethical walls within your practice.

User Groups

As part of this release, your firm can now create one or more Groups to streamline the process of assigning and managing permissions.

or instance, you may wish to create a group for each practice area in your firm, a group containing all legal support staff, or a group representing Partners of the firm.  Groups can be used to grant multiple users access to a matter.

Learn More

If you’re an existing LexWorkplace client, you can read our Guide on Permissions & Groups to learn how to create groups and manage matter permissions.

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Coming Soon to LexWorkplace

We’re working hard on the next major updates to LexWorkplace.  Coming soon:

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