New in LexWorkplace: February 2024

Updated: February 1, 2024|In New in LexWorkplace|By Uptime Legal Systems

In this release

  • LexWorkplace Editions:  Starter, Core, Advanced
  • Improvement to Send Documents from LexWorkplace
  • Bugfix - Email Preview Sometimes Crashes
  • Bugfix - Document Preview Display Issue

We’ve made a number of quality-of-life updates and bugfixes in our February update for LexWorkplace.

LexWorkplace Editions

With our release of all-new editions of LexWorkplace, you’ll now see your firm’s edition in the bottom-right of the LexWorkplace Interface.

  • LexWorkplace Core is the standard LexWorkplace that you know and love.  It includes all currently released features, and is the edition that all current LexWorkplace users are using.
  • LexWorkplace Starter is our recently-launched limited version of LexWorkplace, free for Uptime Practice customers.
  • LexWorkplace Advanced, which is coming soon, will include advanced DMS capabilities such as Integrated OCR and Document AI.

Check out our Editions & Pricing for more information.

Improvement to Send Documents from LexWorkplace

When sending documents from LexWorkplace to an external user, we changed the Display Name that appears as the sender to your recipients.  This will help with email deliverability (avoiding spam and other email filters.)

Bugfix – Email Preview Sometimes Crashes

We resolved a bug where the Email Preview would occasionally crash.

Bugfix – Document Preview Display Issue

We resolved a bug causing minor display issues with the preview pain (Document or Email Preview).

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  • Persistent ("Sticky") Tabs
  • Improved List Scrolling, Pagination, and Filtering
  • New 'Clear Filters' and 'Reset Columns' Commands
  • See Storage Usage
  • Word to PDF Improvements (More Fonts Supported)
  • Search Bugfix (Large Matter Lists)
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