New: Download Multiple Files, Folders, Entire Matter

New: Download Multiple Files, Folder or Entire Matter

We have another exciting new update to LexWorkplace!

In this release

  • Download Multiple Files & Folders
  • Export Entire Matter
  • Matter Screen > Client Link

Download Multiple Files or Folders At Once

Downloading individual files has always been possible since LexWorkplace’s initial Early Access Release.

Now in LexWorkplace, you can download multiple files, and even multiple files and folders, all with one click.

LexWorkplace will automatically download a zip file with the files/folders you’ve selected, and will keep the folder structure intact.

Export Entire Matter

Also new in this release, you can export (download) an entire matter.

To export an entire matter from LexWorkplace, you can either:

From the Matter List

Click the three-dot menu to the right of any matter, then click Export Matter.

From the Matter Screen

Within a matter, click the Actions button (on either the Documents or Email tab), then click Export Matter.

LexWorkplace will download all Documents and Email in one zip file.

Matter Screen > Client Link

The top (heading) of each matter screen shows that matter’s key information, including client, matter type, and assigned staff.

You can now click the client name within a matter to jump to that client (and see that client’s other relevant matters)

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