New in LexWorkplace: June 9th, 2021

We’ve got some exciting updates in our June 9th LexWorkplace Update

  • New > Document > Upload
  • UI Fine-Tuning
  • What’s New: Front and Center
  • Rename Document from Three-Dot Menu
  • In Case You Missed It: Search
  • Coming Soon in LexWorkplace

New > Document > Upload

In our last update, we added the ability to create a new document right from/in LexWorkplace, via the New drop-down menu. In this update, we’ve added Upload as an option, making it even easier to add new documents to your current location in LexWorkplace.

UI Fine-Tuning

You spend much of your day in LexWorkplace, so we want it to look amazing. We made a few minor updates to the LexWorkplace interface.

  • We polished the font and iconography of LexWorkplace.
  • We gave the list within the New, Recent and Favorite menus a little extra breathing room.
  • We de-cluttered some of the icons in LexWorkplace’s navigation

What’s New: Front-and-Center

We’re rapidly launching new features, and that pace won’t slow down any time soon. For that reason, we think it’s important to keep ‘What’s New’ front-and center, so we added a link to our What’s New feed right from the top of LexWorkplace.

Rename Document from Three-Dot Menu

Driven by feedback of our amazing Early Access members, we’ve added the ability to rename a document right from the three-dot menu in LexWorkplace (as opposed to having to go to the Document Properties screen).

In Case You Missed it: Search

Full-text search is available in LexWorkplace for Early Access members.

You will need to update your LexWorkplace launcher for Search to work in your LexWorkplace account. After this, please contact our support team to activate search for your account.

Once complete, you will be able to search for any keyword or phrase across all of your documents, email and notes. LexWorkplace’s powerful index will crawl every page of every document and email, and provide search results within seconds.

Coming Soon in LexWorkplace

We’ve got big plans for LexWorkplace this summer. New features planned for release include:

  • Multi-File Download
  • Pinned Matters / Favorite Matters
  • Matter Templates
  • Saved Search

Stay tuned for more LexWorkplace updates and announcements.