ScanSnap Review: What Law Firms Need to Know

January 28, 2019In UncategorizedBy Dennis Dimka
scansnap review

ScanSnap Review: A Comprehensive Review of the ScanSnap Series of Scanners for Law Firms

ScanSnap scanners, ideal for many law firms, are designed to quickly and easily transform paper documents into digital files. Made by Fujitsu, the ScanSnap family has several models to choose from, each boasting their own array of features and benefits. In our ScanSnap review, we’ll explore how the ScanSnap line works for one specific audience: law firms.

Law firms, perhaps more than any other industry, are constantly needing to convert hardcopy documents to digital versions, to be stored in electronic files or within their document management system. And the ScanSnap line of scanners is favored by many attorneys and law firms.

The question becomes: which model is right for you? In this SnapScan review, we’re going to provide you with a breakdown of the options your law firm has from ScanSnap, each model’s associated features, how your law firm could benefit, pricing, and which law firms would truly benefit from using ScanSnap.

Let’s get started!

Overview of ScanSnap Options

To make this ScanSnap review as helpful as possible for you, we’re going to start by telling you about the options offered by Fujitsu. As of January 2019, Fujitsu’s website lists five ScanSnap options:

  • ScanSnap iX500. The ScanSnap iX500 is a larger document scanner. It can fit on a desk or workstation, has an automatic document feeder, and is capable of scanning both sides of a document. It can also scan in color or grayscale. This model comes with an automatic color detection feature. It also supports multiple document sizes.
  • ScanSnap iX1500. The ScanSnap iX1500 is also a larger document scanner, but it boasts a sleeker design. This model provides a touch screen for easy navigation. This particular ScanSnap model also provides Streak Reduction. Smart devices can also connect to this model for wireless use.
  • ScanSnap iX100. The ScanSnap iX100 is a battery powered portable scanner. It has the ability to scan documents as well as create searchable PDFs. It can also integrate to ScanSnap Cloud as well as with several cloud-based providers such as Evernote, Dropbox, OneDrive, an Google Drive. It can scan up to 260 documents when the battery is fully charged.
  • ScanSnap S1300i. The ScanSnap S1300i is a smaller document scanner. It can be set up for office use or used as a portable device. It comes with auto color detection, auto rotation, and blank page removal. It can be integrated to deliver documents to DropBox, google Drive, or OneDrive.
  • ScanSnap SV600. The ScanSnap SV600 is an overhead document scanner best suited for a desktop or workstation. It’s different from other ScanSnap models because it can be used to scan books, magazines, and delicate documents you wouldn’t want to send through a traditional document scanner. It scans most documents in less than three seconds and has intelligent image correction features. Completed scans can be sent to different cloud apps (as well as kept on a physical hard drive or flash drive).

ScanSnap Features

In the previous section of this ScanSnap review you learned about the five models available as well as some of their basic features. In this section, we’re going to introduce you to other features you’ll find on each individual model.

ScanSnap iX500. This basic and easy to use desktop scanner allows users to scan documents into PDF files (searchable!), JPG images, editable Word files, editable Excel documents, business cards, and more. It also has Wi-Fi capabilities, but you’ll need a wireless router to use them. Only one computer can be registered to the device to access Wi-Fi capabilities. This model can also scan and provide a PDF or JPG to a mobile device or to the Cloud. The model also boasts a separation roller to cut down on paper jams while allowing users to insert a document with multiple pages. As we mentioned above, this device can perform dual-sided scanning of your documents.

ScanSnap iX1500. The ScanSnap iX1500 is a desktop scanner similar to the iX500, but it also comes with a touch screen and “One Button Simplicity.” This scanner allows you to create up to 30 profiles to help build and optimize scan workflow for different members of your law firm. This scanner also features the ability to share documents and send documents via email. You can even save your preferred settings. This ScanSnap model also makes scanning small documents, such as receipts or business cards, easier through a specialized feed. Dust Detection lets you know if dust is present in the device so that it can be cleaned before it becomes an issue. This scanner is also Wi-Fi supported. It can be set up using a router or you can use direct connect mode. Direct connect is only available with 5G service.

ScanSnap iX100. The ScanSnap iX100 lets you take your document scanner on the go. Like the other ScanSnap models, it provides you with a full range of choices for your scanned images: searchable PDF, JPG, Word document, etc. The device can also be connected to a computer or a modem using a USB cord. It is also direct connect enabled if you have 5G. What’s really nice about this portable scanner is how fast it can scan color documents (just a little over five seconds). It also has automatic two page stitching which makes it ideal for scanning large documents. Like the other members of the ScanSnap line, this model can deliver your scanned documents to multiple cloud-based services. This scanner operates off of an easy to recharge battery, but it can also be powered through a USB cord.

ScanSnap S1300i. The ScanSnap S1300i is also a portable scanner. It can scan double sided documents. This particular scanner includes automatic page rotation and various automatic document quality control features. It can scan around 12 double sided documents in one minute. This model is not battery operated. It is powered with a USB cord. It also can scan to the cloud, similar to other ScanSnap models.

ScanSnap SV600. The ScanSnap SV600 is an overhead scanner. That in itself makes it stand out from its counterparts. It is used to scan books, magazines, delicate documents, and any other kind of document without putting it through a document feeder. This model has intelligent image correction as well as LED illumination to make sure that your scans look as they should. It can also detect multiple documents if you’re scanning more than one sort of document at a time (for example, a business card, a receipt, and a page of handwritten notes. Like the other models, the ScanSnap SV600 can scan to cloud storage and cloud-based Document Management Systems.

Benefits for Law Firms

The ScanSnap line can help your law firm improve productivity by making it faster and easier to scan documents into digital files. The ability to send files to various cloud sources or store them on your own device (including a mobile phone) also makes this particular line extremely attractive.

ScanSnap Pricing

As of January 2019, the pricing of the ScanSnap models is:

  • ScanSnap iX500. If you purchase this desktop scanner with a bundle, you’ll pay between $549.00 and $595.00. The available bundles are Neat, Evernote Premium, and a three year advance exchange warranty. The basic ScanSnap iX500 is sold by Fujitsu for $495.00.
  • ScanSnap iX1500. If you purchase this desktop scanner with a bundle (the bundles include warranties or Evernote Premium), you’ll pay between $565.00 and $595.00 depending on the bundle you choose. The basic model without a bundle retails from Fujitsu for $495.00.
  • ScanSnap iX100. The portable scanner may be purchased with or without Neat. With Neat, the retail price is $299.00. Without Neat, the retail price is $229.00.
  • ScanSnap S1300i. This small scanner retails for $295.00.
  • ScanSnap SV600. The overhead document scanner retails for $595.00

Which Law Firms Would Benefit Most from ScanSnap?

So, which law firms would benefit most from ScanSnap? The good news is that there’s a model that seems to fit the needs of every firm out there…yes, even solo lawyers or virtual lawyers. If you find that you, as a lawyer, do a lot of traveling and want to scan documents on the go, start by looking at the ScanSnap iX100. It has a rechargeable battery and you can synch it to Google Drive, OneNote, DropBox, or Evernote.

If you’re a lawyer or a member of a law firm that deals with older documents (such as titles or abstracts) or if you handle a lot of planning documents (such as invention designs, aerial maps, and the likes), look into the ScanSnap SV600.

If you’re a solo lawyer or a virtual lawyer and you’d like to have a scanner, but likely won’t rely on it every day, you may find that the ScanSnap S1300i works well for you (and is also easy on the pocketbook).

Small law offices should consider the ScanSnap iX500. Law firms would multiple users may find that the ScanSnap iX1500 is a better fit since they can configure multiple profiles for use.