New in LexWorkplace: September 2023

August 31, 2023|In New in LexWorkplace|By Dennis Dimka

In this release

  • Email Upload Bugfix
  • Matters List Bugfix
  • Stability Improvements

We’re excited to announce another batch up of updates to LexWorkplace!

Email Upload Bugfix

We fixed a bug where when a user attempts to upload an email file (either .eml or .msg), if the file extension was capitalized (such as .EML or .MSG), the email would fail to upload.

Matter List Bugfix

We fixed a bug in the Matter list, when attempting to filter by the Closed Date column (for instance, filtering to show only matters closed in 2021) would not function properly.

Stability Improvements

We also made a number of behind-the-scenes stability and scalability improvements to the underlying LexWorkplace architecture.

Last Update:  In Case You Missed It

  • Upload MSG File to Email Tab
  • Document Sharing Expiration Notice
  • Limit Client & Matter Creation to Specified Users
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