• Creating Outlook folder per-client or matter is manual and laborious
  • Emails you save in your Outlook folders aren’t accessible to your team
  • Email duplication between users is rampant
  • Saved emails live apart from other matter-related content
  • Email management is a function of software that helps law firms store, organize, manage and find email. Email management is a better way to manage email than simply using folders in Outlook, which are not accessible to the rest of your team and creates a lot of duplication. Email management is usually a function of broader Document Management software.

    Email management software provides an easy way to save important emails to a single, central system that your entire law firm can access. For law firms, a good email management system will save emails to a matter, alongside documents and other content related to that client or case.

    Good email management software provides tools including folders for organization, search and de-duplication.

    Email management software stores and manages email, and does so in a very robust way. Practice Management software, on the other hand, provides contact management, calendars, billing and other “front-office” functions. Practice Management software sometimes includes rudimentary email management, but almost always lacks the robust functionality of a true Document and Email Management system.

    To learn more, read our article on Practice Management vs. Document Management software.

    If you’re a law firm, yes. LexWorkplace is the only email management software born in the cloud and built exclusively for law firms. Other document management software is either not cloud-based, crudely cloud-based, or built for the masses (not for law firms).

    LexWorkplace starts at $395 / month, a plan that includes 5 users and 1 terabyte of storage. You can add more users or storage as you need them. For more information, see our plans & pricing.

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