Announcing Full Mac OS Support for LexWorkplace

LexWorkplace will include full Mac OS and Windows Support.

In recent months we’ve been sharing updates about the development of LexWorkplace, our upcoming cloud-based document & email management system for law firms. Last week we announced pricing for LexWorkplace.

Today we have another exciting update to share.

We’re excited to share that upon commercial release, LexWorkplace will include full Mac OS support.

Other Document Management Systems support Mac OS only via a Parallels installation and by running Windows on your Mac computer. Some document management systems offer “limited” Mac OS support, which means that the web interface will work, but necessary add-ons (such as for Microsoft Outlook integration) will only work on Windows.

These historical work-arounds mean limited or no ability to use your document management software on a Mac computer.

But not anymore.

LexWorkplace will include complete, native Mac OS support. The core, web application will work on a Mac computer without Parallels or any other virtualization. Even our Outlook add-in, which allows your firm to quickly save emails to a matter, will be fully compatible with Mac OS.

This marks the first-ever legal document management software with complete support for both Windows and Mac OS. That means:

  • No Parallels or virtualization required
  • No RDP / Remote Desktop required
  • No need to replace your Macs with Windows computer
  • No limiting your firm to software that only works on Windows

Learn More

Learn more about planned functionality for LexWorkplace here.

Stay Tuned!

We’ve got more exciting updates in the works for LexWorkplace! Stay tuned for announcements, sneak-peaks and other exciting information.