New: Better Client/Management Organization, Email Short Note & More

Here’s What’s New in LexWorkplace | March 2020

At Uptime Legal, we’re diligently working on building the world’s best Document Management platform for law firms.

In January we announced the launch of our Early Access program, allowing select law firms to begin using LexWorkplace, in production prior to commercial release. We’re delighted to report that the response from our first Early Access users has been overwhelmingly positive.

The majority of our effort and attention has been on development objectives aimed at the upcoming, full commercial release of LexWorkplace. We have, however, been able to dedicate some time to new features and improvements to LexWorkplace for our Early Access (and future commercial) customers.

Here’s what’s new in LexWorkplace

Improved Client/Matter Organization

Some law firms organize matters by client, others by matter, and others still with a combination of the two. As such, we’ve built LexWorkplace to be structured yet flexible.

In LexWorkplace, documents, files, folders, email and notes are stored in containers called matters; a matter can live within a designated client or exist on it’s own. Within LexWorkplace, you can access a relevant matter by going directly to Matters from the main navigation; or you can navigate to a particular client and see all matters for that client.

Some of your clients may have many, many matters. Within a client, you can use the LexWorkplace column headers to filter, sort and find the matter you’re looking for. Even better, you can filter a client’s list of matters by type, tag opened date and more.

Email Management – Short Note

LexWorkplace is a great (the best) place to centrally store and manage client/matter-related emails. However, saving many emails to a matter can make it difficult to see the forest for the trees, and challenging to find the exact email you’re looking for.

To that end, we’ve added the Short Note feature to the Email tab of a matter. With this feature, you can add a short not to any email, which is visible at-a-glance from the email tab. This allows you to call out specific emails and add immediately-visible descriptions to key email messages.

Early Access – Still Open

Our Early Access program is still open and accepting new law firms. If your law firm would like to take advantage of the biggest change in law firm document management in a decade (and shape the future of law firm document management), please contact us to learn more about LexWorkplace and our Early Access program.

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements about LexWorkplace.