New in LexWorkplace: December 2023

Published: December 8, 2023|In New in LexWorkplace|By Uptime Legal Systems

In this release

  • Persistent ("Sticky") Column Widths and Sort
  • Persistent ("Sticky") Tabs
  • Improved List Scrolling, Pagination, and Filtering
  • New 'Clear Filters' and 'Reset Columns' Commands
  • See Storage Usage
  • Word to PDF Improvements (More Fonts Supported)
  • Search Bugfix (Large Matter Lists)

We’ve made a lot of important updates in our December 2023 LexWorkplace release!

Persistent (“Sticky”) Column Widths and Sort

Now, when you resize any column in LexWorkplace, or apply a sort to any column in LexWorkplace, the resize and sort will remain persistent even as you navigate elsewhere in LexWorkplace. This includes:

  • Client and Matter Lists
  • Documents, Email, and Notes Tabs
  • Other Lists Throughout LexWorkplace

Persistent (“Sticky”) Tabs

Similarly, the tab you select in the Clients and Matters list will stay persistent (“sticky”) as you navigate elsewhere in LexWorkplace.

For example, say you navigate to the Matters list, click the ‘My’ tab (to view only your matters), and then navigate elsewhere.

When you go back to the Matters list, the ‘My’ tab that you selected will still be active and will remain so until you change it.

Improved List Scrolling, Pagination and Filtering

We’ve improved the behavior of scrolling and navigating through lists within LexWorkplace, including Clients, Matters, Documents, Emails, and Notes.

  1. Fixed an issue that sometimes required users, after moving to another page of a list (such as a Matter list or Document list), to scroll up to see the contents of that page.
  2. After clicking a folder to navigate into it, LexWorkplace now automatically clears any filter set on the ‘Name’ column (which presumably isn’t applicable once the user has navigated to a new folder/location). This eliminates the need to manually clear a ‘Name’ filter when browsing folders and subfolders.

New ‘Clear Filters’ and ‘Reset Columns’ Commands

LexWorkplace now provides tools to clear any filters applied, as well as resets column widths to the default.

Clear Filters

When any filter is applied to a list (such as filtering documents by the ‘Name’ or ‘Tags’ field), you’ll see a command to ‘Clear Filters’, which removes all currently applied filters with one click.

Reset Column Widths

As described earlier, changing the width of any columns will now persist as you navigate elsewhere in LexWorkplace.

At any time, you can also reset column widths to their default state by clicking: Columns > Reset Column Widths.

See Storage Usage

You can visually now see how much storage your firm is using in LexWorkplace (and how much you have left) right from the home page.

Word to PDF Improvements (More Fonts Supported)

LexWorkplace’s Word to PDF conversion tool now supports many more fonts.

This means that when you convert a Word document to PDF, the font will, in almost every case, translate to the PDF, and the PDF document will have better parity with the original Word document.

Search Bugfix

Finally, we also worked on a bug that, in rare cases, fails to return search results if the search criteria was broad and the firm has a large number of matter records. This has been resolved.

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