New in LexWorkplace: April 2022

New in LexWorkplace:  April 2022

In this release

  • Folders on Top
  • Persistent Matter Header - Expand/Collapse
  • Opening Document Indicator
  • Miscellaneous Bugfixes

We’re excited to announce a number of quality-of-life improvements in our April 2022 update to LexWorkplace.

Folders on Top

With the latest update to LexWorkplace, folders will now appear at the top of any matter or folder, by default.  This improvement will help your firm navigate matters, folders and subfolders, and applies to the Documents, Email and Notes tab.  Note that folder will always be sorted alphabetically by name (A-Z), though any custom sorting you apply (by clicking on column headings) will apply to documents below folders.

To change this default behavior, with a matter (any location or subfolder), click Actions then uncheck the box Show Folders on Top (A-Z).  

Persistent Matter Head – Expand Collapse

You have always been able to expand or collapse the Matter Header within the matter screen, allowing you to see matter detail information, or hide the header to provide more room for viewing and managing documents, email and notes.

Now LexWorkplace will remember your preference; if you collapse the matter header, it will stay collapsed as you navigate to and browse other matters.  The same is true for expanding the Matter Header.

Opening Document Indicator

LexWorkplace has always been fast when clicking a document to open it. However, opening large documents, or opening documents on a slower Internet connection can take several seconds.

LexWorkpalce will now show an indicator when a document is being opened in LexWorkpalce, to give each user positive confirmation that the click was registered and the document is in the process of being opened.

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Coming Soon to LexWorkplace

We’re working hard on the next major updates to LexWorkplace.  Coming soon:

  • Clio Manage Integration
  • Document and Email Preview
  • External Document Sharing
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