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We know that you’re eager to use LexWorkplace to manage your firm’s documents and email.

For that reason we’ve launched the Early Access program, where you can begin using LexWorkplace prior to its full commercial release.

What is Early Access?

Early Access is an opportunity for you to take advantage of the benefits LexWorkplace will bring to your firm, before commercial release; and it’s an opportunity for us to receive early feedback while the product takes shape.

“Is Early Access like Beta?”

The answer: kind of, but better.

How to Sign Up

LexWorkplace Early Access is by-invitation-only. A finite number of firms will be invited to participate in Early Access. Please register via the form below to let us know that you’d like to be part of the LexWorkplace Early Access program.

Benefits & Cost

Pricing for LexWorkplace, including in its Early Access form, can be found here.

Benefits of participating in the Early Access program include:

  • Begin using LexWorkplace before the broader legal community
  • First month of LexWorkplace (Monthly Recurring Charges) – Free
  • Onboarding Fee ($3995 or greater) – Waived
  • A voice in shaping the future of LexWorkplace

This is our way for thanking you for being an early adopter and sharing much-needed feedback on our new product.

We will migrate data from your current system (file server, third-party cloud storage) to LexWorkplace at no cost (but we reserve the right to limit Early Access eligibility based on the volume and source of your firm’s data).

All we ask in return is that you share your candid, constructive feedback while using the product in Early Access.

Register below to get started. We look forward to working together.

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What to expect:

  • An Uptime legal technology expert will contact you to discuss your firm.
  • During the consultation, we will discuss your firm's technology, marketing or business goals.
  • We will recommend solutions for helping you to achieve your business goals.
  • If we sound like a fit, we will prepare a proposal within 48 business hours.
  • Thoroughly impressed, you will sit back in a comfy chair and ponder why you didn’t contact us sooner.