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TJ Kelly Intellectual Property Law, PC



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Practice Area(s):  Intellectual Property – Trademark/Copyright

Location(s):  New York, NY

The LexWorkplace product and team have been integral in helping me develop my practice over the last several years"

LexWorkplace Case Study

Tim Kelly established his practice in 2019, with the desire to help those with preemptive Copyright and Trademark goals, along with those who run into issues with Intellectual Property down the line. To make this happen, they required better flexibility and functionality than generic fileservers — this led them to LexWorkplace.

Before LexWorkplace

Before his practice, he worked for a larger firm that utilized iManage. As Tim developed his own practice, he found that iManage did not suit what he was looking for.

He disliked the lack of flexibility and functionality that came with either iManage or the basic fileservers. He then began searching for a more robust yet flexible solution that allowed him to skip hiring an internal IT team while still remaining secure.

The Solution

Time found LexWorkplace and quickly found that the cloud-based, customizable technology was exactly what he was looking for in a Document Management System.

Uptime Legal helped Tim’s team enjoy a system that is efficient, easy to use, secure, and allows the firm to work from anywhere.

Q&A With Tim Kelly

Tell us about your Firm

“We are an intellectual property law firm focusing primarily on trademark and copyrights. We provide service relating to these via prosecution, assignment work, litigation… pretty much whatever client are looking for in this regard.”

What did you use prior to LexWorkplace for document management?

“I wasn’t focused much on the document management aspect of the practice. That was typically handled by a specific group dedicated to this. I know that the firm that I have been with in the past used systems such as iManage.”

Ultimately, what made you choose LexWorkplace and document management in general?

“As I was starting my firm, I needed something that was going to allow me to integrate prior documents. Second, I needed something that clients would recognize as being secure. Third, I needed something that I could get up and running without the help of a large internal IT department.”

How has LexWorkplace streamlined or helped your law practice?

“LexWorkplace has really helped me streamline my practice by allowing me not to worry about maintaining large paper files. Also, the ability to access securely files from anywhere I happen to be traveling. I’m able to log in and access of my files without having to worry about maintaining a whole separate IT team to be able to manage these benefits.”

What are your favorite features or aspects of LexWorkplace?

“The ease of operation and the ability to customize.

LexWorkplace has allowed me to categorize and make changes as necessary in order to accommodate my practice.

The other thing that’s important from my perspective is the company’s willingness and ability to continue to develop new features and to keep customers apprised of those new features.”

What would you say to another law firm considering LexWorkplace? – What advice or council would you give?

“I would highly recommend LexWorkplace to any firm looking for a secure, intuitive, and well-supported document management system but particularly to a smaller firm without a dedicated I T department. The LexWorkplace product and team have been integral in helping me develop my intellectual property practice over the past several years.”

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