Ronald S. Canter, Esq.

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The Law Offices of Ronald S. Canter, LLC



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5 Staff

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File Server

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Practice Area(s):  Bankruptcy, Business Law, Civil Litigation

Location(s):  Rockville, MD

LexWorkplace Case Study

Ronald Canter established his law office in 2008, with the mission of being a  strong advocate for consumer and creditor rights.  He began his law firm with a collection of technology tools that didn’t work for his law firm, before finding LexWorkplace.

I've been a happy Uptime Legal customer for over 10 years, and love their new LexWorkplace system."

Before LexWorkplace

Shortly after starting his practice, Ron Canter used a combination of AbacusLaw and an on-premise file server to manage his cases, documents and email.

Ron found these tools clunky, unorganized, and lacking the ability to easily work from anywhere.  It wasn’t long before Ron began the search for a better solution.

The Solution

Ron found Uptime Legal, who begin with a comprehensive legal technology assessment.  Uptime Legal helped Ron transfer:

  • The firm's billing and accounting functions to PCLaw, hosted in the cloud.
  • The firms documents and email to LexWorkpalce.

Today, Ron’s team enjoys a system that is efficient, easy to use, secure and allows the firm to work from anywhere.

Q&A With Ronald Canter

What Was the Biggest Pain-Point You Were Looking to Solve When Evaluating Solutions?

“At that time, both our accounting system and our document storage systems were out of date.  I needed something different that was reliable and easy to use.”

What Were Your Main Requirements When Evaluating New Systems?

“I needed a system that was reliable and user-friendly.  And possibly more importantly, we needed a company that provided fast and effective support.”

What Ultimately Led to Choose LexWorkplace for Your Firm?”

“As an Uptime Legal customer for over 10 years, I had great confidence in Uptime Legal’s team and new document management software.”

What LexWorkplace Features Have Improved Your Practice the Most?

“We rely heavily on the Email Management and Outlook integration to save and organize emails.
I also find one of the best features is the ability to drag documents from Outlook or my local file system right to a matter in LexWorkplace.”

What Would You Say to Another Firm Looking for a Better Way to Manage Documents and Email?

“LexWorkplace is very user friendly and permits the easy sharing, downloading and transferring of documents.
I recommend LexWorkplace and the e-mail with Microsoft Outlook to enhance your workflow and make work more efficient.”

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