Worldox vs. LexWorkplace

Worldox Vs. LexWorkplace – A Document Management System Comparison

When you’re looking for a legal document management system, it’s important to have all the information you need to choose the option that will best meet the needs of your law firm. In this post, we’re going to look at Worldox vs. LexWorkplace to tell you a bit about each program and the features we love. We’ll also give you our verdict on which one we think is best for law firm use.

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Worldox Overview

Worldox provides businesses, including law firms, with the ability to maintain their documents and email. Worldox has several versions, although it is not natively cloud-based: Worldox Professional, Worldox Enterprise, Worldox Cloud, and Worldox Web. They even have an iOS app. Worldox integrates with Office 365. It also has the ability to integrate with Elite, Juris, Omega, AcumniEW, ProLaw, PCLaw, and other popular time and billing software options.

  • Worldox Professional can be used through a web-based interface, through the iOS app, and can also be implemented on-premise.
  • Worldox Enterprise is designed for use in multi-office environments. In addition to Worldox’s document management and email management capabilities, it is used as a central data system for law firms with multiple locations. This is not a web-based product. It may be used on-premise or from the cloud.
  • Worldox Cloud provides a cloud-based document management system that allows users to continue to utilize their current desktop instead of a separate environment, such as a virtual desktop. This is not an on-premise option as with Worldox Professional and Enterprise.
  • Worldox Web provides Worldox users with the ability to access their accounts on any device that supports JavaScript. Worldox Web can be installed an existing indexer computer or on-premise server.

Worldox works on Windows only.

LexWorkplace Overview

Like Worldox, LexWorkplace is a product designed to help law firms manage their legal documents and email. Unlike Worldox, however, LexWorkplace was designed exclusively for law firms, and is a natively cloud-based application. This means the software was not developed for on-premise servers, then later retro-fitted to run in the cloud. There’s only one version of LexWorkplace—and that version is cloud based.

LexWorkplace includes optional add-ons, IT essentials that your law firm may need like Microsoft Office, Exchange email and IT Support.

LexWorkplace works on Windows and Mac OS.

What’s Good about Worldox

Worldox has a lot to offer for law firms that want a way to securely manage both their documents and their email. Some of our favorite features include:

  • The ability to perform a full-text search of documents, email, and metadata via tags or specific text.
  • The ability to create tags or profiles for your documents. You can also choose when you want to apply the tags. You can do it when the documents first enter the system or you can do it at a later date.
  • The power to save emails into your document management system by clicking a button to send it to Wordox. You also configure the option to automatically profile emails, similar to documents.
  • Worldox integrates with Microsoft Office.
  • Importing your documents with help from Worldox (for an additional fee).
  • Worldox integrates with a number of legal practice management applications, most notably Tabs3.

What’s Good about LexWorkplace

Some of our favorite features for LexWorkplace include:

  • LexWorkplace is “born in the cloud,” meaning it runs in a web browser and doesn’t require an on-premise server to use.
  • LexWorkplace, being designed exclusively for law firms, is matter-centric. All documents, files and folders are stored within specific clients or matters.
  • Security measures that meet the legal industry’s stringent requirements (HIPAA, SEC/FINRA, and SOX).
  • Its simple navigation thanks to its clean and easy to use interface.
  • Three distinct tabs designed to help law firms better manage their cases: Documents, Email and Notes.
  • Google-style search results for documents.
  • The ability to create tags and profiles at any time for documents.
  • Integrated OCR.
  • Full Microsoft Office and Outlook integration.
  • Drag and drop emails into proper matters from Outlook.
  • Options (Editions) to include Microsoft Office licensing, Hosted Exchange Email and Unlimited IT Support.
  • LexWorkplace works with Windows and Mac.

Setup & Migration

Apart from the software itself, migrating your data from its current system to your chosen Document Management software is an important consideration, and something that should be considered when evaluating Worldox vs. LexWorkplace.

When you purchase Worldox, you actually purchase it from an authorized reseller (not Worldox directly). That reseller typically also installs and implements Worldox for your firm, as well as migrates all of your firm’s documents into Worldox (for a fee).

With LexWorkplace, Uptime Legal Systems (LexWorkplace’s creator) will perform the data migration and training necessary to start using LexWorkplace (also for a fee).

Worldox vs. LexWorkplace – The Verdict

Both Worldox and LexWorkplace are powerful, robust platforms for a law firm to store and manage its documents.

If your firm has, and wishes to maintain on-premise servers, and therefor prefers premise-based Document Management software, we recommend implementing Worldox for your law firm.

If, on the other hand, your firm prefers to avoid servers, and would rather store and manage documents in a secure cloud platform, we recommend LexWorkplace, which is natively cloud-based. While Worldox does offer cloud-based solutions, they are not as seamlessly cloud-based as something design from scratch to be used in the cloud.

We hope you found this comparison useful. If you’d like to learn more, check out our resources below, including our Document Management Comparison chart, as well as our other document management comparison articles.

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