Top Reasons to Upgrade from LegalWorks to LexWorkplace

In 2019 we announced development of LexWorkplace, our new cloud-based document & email management system for law firms, and the successor to Uptime LegalWorks.

In January of 2020 we launched the Early Access program for LexWorkplace, allowing first-movers and early-adopters a chance to try LexWorkplace for themselves.

Today, our Early Access program is still running strong, and hundreds of legal professionals rely on LexWorkplace to keep their documents, data and email organized.


LegalWorks was our first foray into building a cloud-based document management system for law firms. We built LegalWorks atop of Microsoft SharePoint. The benefit of leveraging SharePoint was getting to market, and helping law firms, quickly.

The downside was that any and all challenges inherent to SharePoint would forever be challenges within LegalWorks, which undermined our original vision for the product. This is why, over two years ago, we set out to build the world’s best law firm document management system, and resolved to build it from scratch.

LexWorkplace is the product of that vision, the successor to LegalWorks, and in all likelihood the best next step for your law firm.

Here are the top reasons your firm should upgrade from LegalWorks to LexWorkplace.

Modern, More User-Friendly User Experience

We set out to build a Document Management System that’s as easy to use as Dropbox, but as powerful as legacy, premise-based DMS software. The structure, layout and navigation in LexWorkplace is similar to LegalWorks, but the user interface has been dramatically streamlined and simplified.

End-to-End Data Encryption

LexWorkplace automatically keeps your data encrypted, both in-transit and at rest. LexWorkplace helps keep your client data secure and your firm compliant.

Full Mac OS Support

LexWorkplace works perfectly on both Windows and Mac OS computers. LexWorkplace is the first and only law firm document management software that includes full native support for both operating systems.

A Terabyte of Storage

LexWorkplace starts with 1 TB of storage. No more paying extra for additional storage, and no more archiving data or closed files to alternate systems.

Better Outlook Addin

We’ve built an even better Outlook Addin, allowing you to save emails directly to a matter, and even file under a sub-folder.

Organize Emails with Folders

Your matters may have hundreds, even thousands of emails. Keep things organized by creating folders for matter-related emails.

Create New Documents Right from LexWorkplace

Create new documents right form LexWorkplace. No more creating new documents, saving to your desktop, then manually uploading. LexWorkplace lets you create new documents on the fly.


Copy and Move Documents within LexWorkplace

No more using Windows Explorer as a work-around to copy or move files. With LexWorkplace you can copy or move files to a different folder (or even a different matter) right from the LexWorkplace interface with a simple cut, copy and paste.

More Powerful Search

Search across your entire database, including Documents, Email and Notes. Refine your search by Matter, Document Type, Status, Tags and more.

Better File Support

LexWorkplace can store and manage virtually any kind of file. With LexWorkplace, unlike LegalWorks, you can open, edit and save PDF and other documents back to LexWorkplace with a single click.

We’ve also increased the file size limit from 2GB to 5GB.

Flexible Matter Naming

Want ampersands in your matter names? LexWorkplace is much more flexible when it comes to naming your matters.

Favorite & Recent Documents

Keep important documents at your fingertips by pinning them to your Favorites. See the last 30 documents you’ve edited in the Recent menu.

Customizable Columns

See what you need to (and nothing more). You decide what columns to see in the Matters List, as well as Documents, Email and Notes for each matter.

Multi-Factor Authentication

LexWorkplace includes integrated MFA, keeping your data secure and your firm compliant.

Geographic Redundancy

When stored in LexWorkplace, your data is securely backed up to our multiple, independent data centers across North America.

Tag Everything

Create tags on the fly, and apply them to documents, clients or matters. (Or all of the above.) Customize the way you use LexWorkplace by creating tags for FiledUrgentLitigation… or anything else you can imagine.

User Self-Management

While we love hearing from you, our goal is to reduce how often you have to call the Uptime Legal help desk. In LexWorkplace, users can manage their login account and reset their own password.

Every Document: A Unique URL

Every document in your LexWorkplace account will have it’s own unique URL. This makes it easy to bookmark documents, or share specific documetns with your team via Outlook, Teams or Slack.

Upgrade at No Cost

For a limited time, we’re offering current LegalWorks clients the ability to upgrade to LexWorkplace at no cost.

Watch the Demo

See LexWorkplace for yourself: Watch our Introduction & Demonstration video.

Join the Early Access Program

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