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January 26, 2021In New in LexWorkplaceBy Dennis Dimka

Coming Soon to LexWorkplace Early Access: Full-Text Search

Our LexWorkplace Early Access program is well underway!

We’ve been working hard to further develop LexWorkplace for current and future LexWorkplace users. Today we’re excited to announce that we are close to rolling out full-text search for LexWorkplace.


Search is a significant part of the functionality of any document and email management system, and LexWorkplace is no exception. Search within LexWorkplace will be incredibly powerful, flexible and easy to use.

Coming soon, LexWorkplace will index every page of every document and email in every folder in every matter. That means your team can search for a keyword or phrase and find it within seconds. This will apply to new documents that you save to LexWorkplace, as well as existing documents and email that you’re already storing in LexWorkplace.


We promised Google-caliber search for your matter documents and email–and we’re delivering. Our powerful indexer will scan every page of every document to provide lightning-fast search results, even across terabytes of data.

With LexWorkplace search, you will be able to search:

  • Across documents, email and notes
  • By keyword or phrase
  • By matter(s)
  • By document type (contract, motion, pleading, etc.)
  • By document status (draft, final, etc.)
  • By document tags (created and applied by your team)
  • By user (modified by)
  • By date (modified by)
  • By favorite document

Documents will be automatically indexed when uploaded or modified, meaning search results will be fast and current.

Search will also find what you’re looking for in the body of email and email attachments.

Please stay tuned for more updates; we will continue to keep the LexWorkplace Early Access community abreast as we move closer to rolling out search.

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We sincerely appreciate all of the feedback and encouragement from our Early Access community.

Onward and upward!