ScanSnap Review: iX500 – A Review for Law Firms

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ScanSnap Review: A Comprehensive Review of the ScanSnap iX500

The ScanSnap iX500 is a desktop document scanner that is considered the “go-to” model for many lawyers and law firms. While the entire ScanSnap line of scanners is great, in this ScanSnap review, we’re going to explore the iX500 model in-depth. We will explore its features, benefits, price, and what sort of law practice would most benefit from this particular model.

Key Features of the ScanSnap iX500

A document scanner is a key piece of equipment for any law firm. The reason why the ScanSnap iX500 is so popular with the legal industry is because of its features:

  • The ability to scan to multiple document forms. With this document scanner, you can scan documents into searchable PDFs, JPG files, an editable Word document, an editable Excel file, business card size, and even send the information to a mobile or smart device.
  • Wi-Fi compatibility. While this model can be used with a USB cord, it’s also Wi-Fi compatible. Using a PC or a Mac, the user can connect to the device through an existing wireless router.
  • Send scanned files to the cloud. The ScanSnap iX550 provides users with the ability to scan documents directly to a cloud drive. It has its own cloud, ScanSnap Cloud. It also has the ability to send files to your favorite cloud apps like Evernote, DropBox, and LexWorkplace.
  • Double-sided color scanning. Another great feature of this model is its ability to quickly scan double-sided color documents. It scans, roughly, 25 pages each minute.
  • Intelligent scanning corrections. With its own built-in microprocessor, this document scanner can quickly provide certain forms of automatic corrections as documents are scanned.
  • Fewer paper jams during scanning. All law firms can attest to the fact there are very few things worse in law firm life than paper jams. This model uses an advanced paper feeding system that cuts down on paper jams. It also has a specialized roller to help separate pages while scanning takes place.
  • Ultrasonic sensor to help produce the best possible scans. Users have the option of activating the ultrasonic sensor to help ensure that every page of a document is scanned.

How Can ScanSnap iX500 Benefit Law Firms?

Besides the obvious of providing the ability for a law firm to scan its documents, there are certain benefits that the ScanSnap iX500 provides.

  • Cloud compatibility. More and more law firms have elected to move their files to the cloud. With multiple cloud storage integrations options, users can scan their documents and save them directly to their cloud storage or Document Management System.
  • Create editable documents. Users, such as support staff, no longer need to a large amount of time recreating a physical document into an editable file. This scanner allows users to scan the document and have it converted into an editable Word document or Excel spreadsheet.
  • Fast scanning time. Even color documents are quickly (and cleanly scanned). Around 25 color double sided pages can be scanned in right around one minute.
  • Helps you get the best possible scan. This scanner comes equipped with automatic correction to help ensure that you get the best possible scan of a document.

Pricing of the ScanSnap iX500

We feel that we couldn’t a ScanSnap review if we didn’t address the pricing of this model. Sold by Fujitsu, the price of this model has a standard model and a couple of bundled options. The standard model retails for $495.00 per unit. Bundled with a three year warranty, the price is $595.00. This model can also be bundled with Evernote Premium for $565.00.

What Sort of Law Firms Will Most Benefit from the ScanSnap iX500?

We believe that the sort of law firms that will benefit most from using the ScanSnap iX500 is a solo lawyer or a small law firm with centralized support. This particular model does not have multiple user profiles. Additionally, the Wi-Fi capability is limited to just one authorized computer. This model wasn’t designed to be used on the go. It is best suited for environments that only need document scanning done in the office. Law firms that want a document scanner that supports multiple user profiles or who need the ability to scan documents from anywhere should consider a different ScanSnap model.

There you have it! We hope you’ve found this ScanSnap review helpful and feel more prepared to decide whether the iX500 is the best choice for your law firm.

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