Law Firm Guides > Escape Email Hell: Managing Email Across Your Entire Law Firm

Pre-recorded Webinar (54min)

Email is vital to a law firm. Not just having it, but having a system to process, organize and action on your emails.

Think of how much email plays a part in managing a case or a law practice:

  • Clients sharing documents
  • Contracts going back and forth
  • Motions and pleadings shared between parties
  • Time-sensitive correspondence and documents sent
  • Invoices going out

But, many firms still do not have an effective way to manage all of these emails. And as law firms grow from one person to having more lawyers and staff, these problems compound.

This webinar breaks down the right and wrong way to manage email in a law firm. It breaks down:

  • Why Outlook alone cannot save you
  • Tools to help organize your email
  • Software that can help

And more…

Grab your pen and a notepad.

This webinar is filled with actionable information to help your law firm better manage your emails and escape email hell!

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