Paperless Law Firm Checklist

February 16, 2017In Paperless Law OfficeBy Dennis Dimka
paperless law firm checklist

How to Achieve a Paperless Law Firm

A paperless law office isn’t a unicorn. Its achievable, and more importantly: it’s a good idea.

Law firms large and small are mired by boxes of paper files that take up a lot of physical space and make finding what you’re looking for difficult (at best) as well as time-consuming.

Imagine having organized, electronic versions of old and current matters, documents from war rooms past, perfectly organized and instantly searchable. Imagine being able to work from anywhere, with all of your files easily accessible in one system. Having a paperless law office makes it possible.

In today’s age of legal technology and cloud-based solutions, it very achievable.

But first

Why Your Firm Should Go Paperless

There are many, many benefits having a paprless law firm. Here are some of the top reasons we see law firms ditching their paper files and going paperless.

  1. Enhanced security: Electronic files can be stored in the cloud, where they’re protected by state-of-the-art backup systems.
  2. Your clients expect it: Your customers expect you to have anytime, instant access to their matter documents and information.
  3. Search: When your documents are electronic, you can search for (and find) what you’re looking for in seconds.
  4. Access Anywhere: Electronic files can be easily taken with you or–better yet–stored int he cloud and accessible from anywhere.
  5. Centralized: With the right Document Management software, your documents will be centralized and accessible to your whole firm.
  6. Organized & Efficient: When your documents are organized by matter and folder, you’re able to keep track of where important documents reside.
  7. Save Time & Money: Save wasted storage space and time spent searching through paper documents.

Going paperless is an imperative for today’s law firm. And it’s possible

We’ll show you how.

Download our checklist on how to make your’s a paperless law firm. We’ll cover planning and workflow stages, the hardware and software you’ll need as well as the process and policies you’ll need to implement.

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