NetDocuments vs. Worldox

netdocuments vs. worldox

NetDocuments Vs. Worldox – A Document Management System Comparison

Many law firms now rely on digital document management solutions to manage, secure, and access attorney-client work product, emails, attachments, contracts, images, and other things related to client matters. There are certainly a lot of document management options to choose from. It’s important to choose the document management system that meets the specific needs of your law firm.

With so many options, it can be difficult to take the time required to review the different programs to find the one that’s right for you. So in this article, we’ll do a side-by-side comparison of NetDocuments vs. Worldox

Our goal is that by providing you with this information, we’ll make it easier for you to decide if either of these products will fit your needs.

The Basics of NetDocuments

NetDocuments is a web-based document management option that gives law firms the ability to store, organize, and manage documents. NetDocuments is used by and made for the medical, financial, and legal industries. Users can work together on documents stored in the program. Documents are organized by workspace. For example, if your law firm has five lawyers, each lawyer could be assigned a workspace. The documents used by each individual lawyer would be stored within their workspace. Their legal support staff would access the proper workstation to work on matters. NetDocuments has a mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices.

For law firms that wish to have a digital document management that integrates with Microsoft Office and Outlook, they will need to purchase the ndOffice and ndMail add-ons.

The Basics of Worldox

Worldox is server-based document management software, which means it can be run onsite, on your own local server, or in a hosted private cloud.

There are several different versions of Worldox to choose from: Worldox Professional and Worldox Enterprise. In addition, the company makes Worldox Web, which is not (as the name implies) a cloud version of Worldox, but rather a web interface for your on-premise Worldox software.

Although it was not made with the legal industry specifically in mind, it is a trusted document management option for law firms. In fact, unlike NetDocuments, Worldox integrates with Office 365. It also integrates with several popular time and billing programs. It also integrates with Outlook.

Documents are organized through a feature known as worklists. Finding and accessing documents is very similar to using Windows Explorer. Several worklists may be kept open at the same time. Tabs may be set-up to help organize each individual workspace. Profiling may be done with both documents and emails. This feature helps users more easily find the documents they need.

Documents may also be organized as bigger projects. Projects can be shared with work groups. Permissions for files (regardless of whether they’re contained within a project) may be set-up that allows different access levels for different users as well as the checking-in and checking-out of documents.

How Worldox is accessed depends on which version you purchase. If you have more than one law office, Worldox Enterprise will centralize all of the documents. This can make it easier for lawyers (and clients) who change office locations. It can also help ensure consistency with the way that documents are created across the board.

What We Like about NetDocuments

We like that NetDocuments allows users to work together on documents. Users can even work on documents offline. NetDocuments will sync the files together. NetDocuments also allows you to set permissions that require a request to be sent to approve changes. Their search feature allows users to search email, attachments and documents. NetDocuments also includes a secured messaging workspace for users to discuss their projects. Documents can also be flagged in a way that requires users to check them out and check them back in. This is extremely beneficial for law firms because users can open read-only versions when someone has checked-out a document to work on it. Workspaces can also be shared between users. We like that NetDocuments is natively-cloud based.

What We Like about Worldox

Worldox is powerful and has several options to choose from. In addition to searching documents, emails, and attachments, users can also search on tags set up through profiling or metadata. We like that users do not have to immediately apply tags when documents are first placed into Worldox (although users certainly have that option!). Tags can be applied at any time. Worldox doesn’t need an additional extension to integrate with Outlook. Users can create automatic email profiles to have emails and their attachments automatically categorized. We also like that Worldox integrates with many of the most popular time and billing programs as well as with Microsoft Office 365. We like that with Worldox, we have the flexibility to run it on a law firm’s own servers, or in a hosted environment.

The Verdict

Both NetDocuments and Worldox are viable choices for law firm document management. However, if your law firm relies on Office 365, you’ll want to look more at Worldox. Worldox also integrates with many trusted legal software providers. If you’re looking for a way to improve communication between team members (especially if your office uses remote workers), NetDocuments has an excellent secured communication system that’s better than relying on email to talk about sensitive projects.

At the end of the day, the right document management system for your law firm depends primarily on your needs as a firm. We hope that this overview of both NetDocuments and Worldox helps you by giving you some of the information you need.

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