NetDocuments vs. LexWorkplace

NetDocuments Vs. LexWorkplace – A Document Management System Comparison

Choosing the right document management system is a key component of law firm life. There are certainly a lot of options out there. Many law firms are moving to cloud-based solutions to improve their data security while also creating a way to work from anywhere. (And—to finally rid themselves of the nightmare that is often owning and maintaining in-house, on-premise servers.) In this article, we’re going to compare two document management options available to law firms:

NetDocument and LexWorkplace.

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NetDocuments Overview

NetDocuments is a document management system that is cloud-based. It provides law firms with the ability to store, organize, and manage documents related to client matters and to their practice. NetDocuments is a popular document management system used by businesses in the legal, medical, and financial industries (among others).

NetDocuments provides law firms with the ability to store both documents and their emails in a secure environment. Document collaboration and document check out are beneficial tools for high volume law practices.

In NetDocuments, documents are organized by workspace, which is essentially a top-level folder or organizational unit for all of your files and folders. A mobile app is also available for both iOS and Android devices.

NetDocuments works on Windows only.

LexWorkplace Overview

LexWorkplace is also a cloud-based document and email management system. It is designed exclusively for use by the legal industry. As such, it organizes all documents, email and notes into matters, where a law firm can create and classify matters, then store and organize documents and other types of content within each matter.

LexWorkplace includes many of the standard fare for document management software: Secure cloud storage, version management, document profiling and tagging, and check-out/in. It also includes integrated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which makes scanned documents searchable.

LexWorkplace can be subscribed to as a stand-alone application, or in a bundle of other essential IT services for law firms (such as Microsoft Office, Exchange Email and IT Support).

LexWorkplace works on Windows and Mac OS.

What’s Good about NetDocuments

NetDocuments is a well-known document and email management system used by businesses in various industries.

  • It allows users to synch their files and work either online or offline.
  • It can be integrated with Microsoft Office 365.
  • Users can work together on documents as well as request approval for changes made. This can be very beneficial for law firms.
  • NetDocuments’ email management system allows users to search the best location to find a certain email, content with an email, or even an attachment.
  • NetDocuments also enables users to collaborate through secured online conversations as opposed to just sending documents and emails back and forth.

In NetDocuments, documents are organized by workspace. Workspaces may be shared among users. Users have the ability to create names for workspaces which can help with organizing documents. To help find sensitive or important documents, NetDocuments provides an option to set up a requirement to check out documents. This is an asset for law firms that have multiple hands on working a single matter.

What’s Good about LexWorkplace

LexWorkplace is a cloud-based document and email management system designed specifically and exclusively for the legal industry.

  • It integrates with Microsoft Office (including Outlook).
  • Since it is cloud based, it can be used from anywhere using a web browser.
  • When users add documents, they automatically become searchable through OCR. This makes it easier for users to find the documents (including emails and attachments) they need because they can search on terms they remember seeing.
  • Documents can be tagged and profiled. For instance, you can classify a document as a motion. Or tag a document as filed with the courts..
  • LexWorkplace also provides the ability to set both user and group permissions as well as the ability to send out alerts if a document is changed.
  • Document version management, check in and check out features, and both online and offline synching are all options that law firms can use.

LexWorkplace creates organization by matter. Emails and documents can be saved directly to matter-based files. Documents created (including edited or just accessed) through Microsoft Office are automatically saved to LexWorkplace.

Implementing NetDocuments will require you to hire a separate, outside consultant to implement NetDocuments, migrate your data and train your staff. With LexWorkplace, the team at Uptime Legal will handle all setup, data migration, training and support that you need. This creates an immense amount of quality control and accountability when it comes to making sure your transition and your ongoing use of the document management system is seamless.

The Verdict

NetDocuments is a great program. However, law firms would need to choose which version of NetDocuments would best benefit them. ndOffice allows NetDocuments to integrate with Microsoft Office, but it’s missing some features found in ndMail. Depending on the number of users, getting all of the features you want or need from NetDocuments could become a costly venture. While it’s certainly a good document management system, it’s made for businesses in multiple industries.

LexWorkplace is a document and email management system that fully integrates with both Microsoft Office and Outlook using just one version. Law firms don’t need to worry about whether they’ll have all of the features they need because they get it all. Unlike NetDocuments, LexWorkplace provides automatic OCR when documents are scanned into the system. It was also designed with law firms in mind. Finally, LexWorkplace comes available in bundles that include other essential technology services that your law firm may require.

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