LexWorkplace: First Look

A first look at the all-new LexWorkplace

Earlier this year we announced the development of LexWorkplace, our own cloud-based Document & Email Management System for law firms.

As we get closer to launch, we thought we’d take a moment to give everyone a sneak-peek of this new document management system.

Let’s Dive in.

Law-Firm-Centric: Manage Matters (Not Just Folders)

Most other document management software (being built for many different industries) forces you to retro-fit folders, “workspaces” and “projects” into the way you manage documents in your law practice. Not LexWorkplace.

LexWorkplaceis matter-centric. Create matters to store relevant documents, email and notes. See all of your firm’s matters at a glance, or just open matters, just closed matters, or just your matters. Specify case types, client, and assigned staff to each matter. (You can’t do that with just folders!)

One Place for Documents, Email and Notes

Being matter-centric, with LexWorkplace you’ll have one place for all of your documents, email and notes.

Create a matter in seconds, then begin storing and managing all relevant files, documents, emails and more within that matter.

Simple Drag and Drop

Save anything to matter in LexWorkplace with a simple drag-and-drop. Upload one file or a bunch of files in seconds.

Document Version Management

LexWorkplace automatically creates and tracks document versions. Review previous document versions; see who changed what, when; annotate specific versions to keep important milestones clear.

Favorite & Recent Docs

Quickly and easily see your recent docs. Or mark important documents as a Favorite, putting it at your fingertips no matter where you are in LexWorkplace.

Profiling & Tagging

LexWorkplace allows you to set a document’s Type and Status, helping you to keep documents categorized and organized. You can also create your own custom Document Tags, another way to classify and label documents throughout LexWorkplace.

Document Check-Out

Check a document out to keep others from changing it. This is especially useful when you’re working on a document over a long period of time. Your coworkers can see who has a document checked out, and can download a copy at any time.

Matter Docs & Firm Docs

Every matter is its own virtual filesystem to hold documents and other data. You can also store documents within Firm Documents, a central place to store and manage business, financial, HR and other non-matter documents for your firm.

Move and Copy Documents With Ease

Cut, copy and paste documents to effortlessly move documents between folders or matters. Create template documents to re-use for future mattes. Change-up the organization of documents within a particular case. Quickly and easily copy and move documents using the web interface or CTRL keyboard shortcuts.

See What You Need To (And Nothing Else)

Customize LexWorkplace to work the way you do. You decide what columns to see in the Matters List, as well as Documents, Email and Notes for each matter.

Tag… Everything

Create tags on the fly, and apply them to documents, clients or matters. (Or all of the above.) Customize the way you use LexWorkplace by creating tags for Filed, Urgent, Litigation… or anything else you can imagine.

Powerful Email Management (With Folders!)

Drag emails directly to a matter right within Outlook. See all matter-related emails alongside documents (on their own tab). Anyone in your firm that needs to can see, open and even reply to emails stored in the matter.

And: Organize emails with folders! Create as many folders and sub-folders as you like to keep matter-related emails organized.

Built from the Ground Up for Security

Keeping client data secure is one of a law firms most important duties; and we share that responsibility with our users. That’s why the LexWorkplace has security built in at every level.

  • Native Two-Factor-Authentication. The LexWorkplace supports Native TFA. This means your firm can optionally require a second (smartphone) authentication before logging into your LexWorkplace account and accessing your firm’s data.
  • Encryption In-Transit. The LexWorkplace uses military-grade SSL encryption for all data in transit, meaning you can be comfortable using LexWorkplace from anywhere in the world (even public WiFi).
  • Encryption At-Rest. Your data will also be encrypted while stored in our cloud data centers, meaning your most sensitive client data will be guarded by state-of-the-art data protection.

Stay Tuned!

Stay tuned for more updates! We’ll continue to share announcements, sneak-peaks and other exciting information.

We’re all-in on the future of LexWorkplace, committed to developing the best legal document management system for law firms

Onward and upward!