Introduction to LexWorkplace

LexWorkplace Roundup:  Everything You Wanted to Know About the Upcoming Document Management Platform

For the past few month’s we’ve been talking a lot about LexWorkplace, our upcoming document management system for law firms. And we’ve been receiving a ton of positive feedback.

We’ve announced features, functionality, pricing, FAQ’s and more. But each of these announcements have been bit-by-bit, shared over the course of a few months. So we thought it would be a good idea to publish this roundup, and summarize everything you wanted to know about LexWorkplace.

Let’s get started.

A New Beginning

LexWorkplace is the successor to Uptime LegalWorks, our award-winning cloud-based document & email management system for law firms. LegalWorks is good, but LexWorkplace is going to be great.

While LexWorkplace will provide many of the same capabilities and serve many of the same purposes, LexWorkplace is a completely new product, developed by Uptime Legal from the ground-up.

LexWorkplace was born from the feedback of our LegalWorks users, and the broader legal document management industry.

Packed with The Tools Your Firm Needs

LexWorkplace comes with everything your firm needs to go paperless, get organized and work anywhere.

At launch, LexWorkplace will include the following features.

Matter-Centric Manage Documents, Email & Notes by Matter

One-Click Open & Save One click to open a doc, one click to save

Email Management Save emails to a matter right from Outlook

Tagging & Profiling Create and apply document tags & properties

Automatic OCR Scanned documents are OCR’d automatically

Store Anything Store documents, video, audio and more

Office Integration Save Office docs directly to LexWorkplace

Powerful Search Instant search across documents and email

Version Management Effortless document version management

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Full Windows and Mac Support

We’re excited to share that upon commercial release, LexWorkplace will include full Mac OS support.

Other Document Management Systems support Mac OS only via a Parallels installation and by running Windows on your Mac computer.

But not anymore.

LexWorkplace will include complete, native Mac OS support. The core, web application will work on a Mac computer without Parallels or any other virtualization. Even our Outlook add-in, which allows your firm to quickly save emails to a matter, will be fully compatible with Mac OS.

This marks the first-ever legal document management software with complete support for both Windows and Mac OS. That means:

  • No Parallels or virtualization required
  • No RDP / Remote Desktop required
  • No need to replace your Macs with Windows computer
  • No limiting your firm to software that only works on Windows

Built From the Ground-Up for Security

We baked data security into every aspect of LexWorkplace.

Security & Permissions Manage user access and permissions

Data Encryption Complete encryption in transit and at-rest

Secure Application Architecture Secure code keeps your data safe

Two-Factor Authentication Enable TFA for added data security

Geographic Redundancy Multiple independent data centers

See For Yourself

Don’t take our word for it, take a look at LexWorkplace incredible capabilities and simple, intuitive interface.

Fresh, Modern Interface

One Place for Documents, Email and Notes

Being matter-centric, with LexWorkplace you’ll have one place for all of your documents, email and notes.

Create a matter in seconds, then begin storing and managing all relevant files, documents, emails and more within that matter.

Simple Drag and Drop

Save anything to matter in LexWorkplace with a simple drag-and-drop. Upload one file or a bunch of files in seconds.

Managing Documents Has Never Been Easier

You can manage every document in LexWorkplace from a single screen. Open up the Properties screen for any given document, then see (and set) Document Type, Document Status, Tags and Notes. You can even see (and open) each previous version–all in one place.

Document Version Management

LexWorkplace automatically creates and tracks document versions. Review previous document versions; see who changed what, when; annotate specific versions to keep important milestones clear.

Move and Copy Documents With Ease

Cut, copy and paste documents to effortlessly move documents between folders or matters. Create template documents to re-use for future mattes. Change-up the organization of documents within a particular case. Quickly and easily copy and move documents using the web interface or CTRL keyboard shortcuts.

See What You Need To (And Nothing Else)

Customize LexWorkplace to work the way you do. You decide what columns to see in the Matters List, as well as Documents, Email and Notes for each matter.

Tag Everything

Create tags on the fly, and apply them to documents, clients or matters. (Or all of the above.) Customize the way you use LexWorkplace by creating tags for Filed, Urgent, Litigation… or anything else you can imagine.

Favorite & Recent Docs

Quickly and easily see your recent docs. Or mark important documents as a Favorite, putting it at your fingertips no matter where you are in LexWorkplace.

Document Check-Out / Check-In

Check a document out to keep others from changing it. This is especially useful when you’re working on a document over a long period of time. Your coworkers can see who has a document checked out, and can download a copy at any time.

Matter Docs & Firm Docs

Every matter is its own virtual filesystem to hold documents and other data. You can also store documents within Firm Documents, a central place to store and manage business, financial, HR and other non-matter documents for your firm.

Email Management

Many law firms need a system to organize and manage all of their firm’s email as much as they do for documents, if not more so. For that reason, we’ve put a ton of work into making LexWorkplace the best email management system in the world.

LexWorkplace is a matter-centric system, which means that (almost) everything in the system starts with a matter. And in LexWorkplace, a matter is a virtual file cabinet that can hold documents, video, audio, email, notes and other types of content. LexWorkplace organizes these different kinds of content into three tabs within each matter.

Email messages saved to a matter will appear on its own tab, where you can open, view and organize them.

Once you install the LexWorkplace add-in for Outlook, you’ll see a new button in your Outlook Ribbon: Add to LexWorkplace.

By clicking this button, then selecting the matter, and (optionally) the subfolder you’d like to save that email to, LexWorkplace will automatically copy that email, in its entirety (attachments and all), to that matter in LexWorkplace.

LexWorkplace also intelligently de-duplicates email, keeping multiple users from inadvertently saving the same email to a matter more than once, and avoiding duplication.

Once copied to a matter, LexWorkplace will flag the email in your Outlook, letting you know that that email has been copied to LexWorkplace.

Over time, a single matter may have hundreds, even thousands of important, saved emails. LexWorkplace allows you to create folders (and subfolders) to keep emails neat and organized.

Anyone in your firm that you grant access can view the folders and emails you’ve saved in that matter.

And just like documents, emails that are saved to LexWorkplace will be indexed for search. This enables your team to search a matter, or your entire LexWorkplace database, across documents and email, for what you’re looking for.


We recently announced pricing for LexWorkplace. Upon launch, LexWorkplace will be $395 / month for our base package, which will include 5 user accounts and a full terabyte of storage.

Customers can add users at $40 / user / month, and additional storage at the price of $40 / month per additive 100 GB (or an effective price of $0.40 / GB). We’re excited because this marks a significant price reduction over LegalWorks, our classic document management product.

Opportunities for Consultants

Not long after we release New LexWorkplace, we plan to develop a certification track for legal technology consultants. This means that your favorite IT and legal software consultants will have the ability to become A LexWorkplace Certified Consultant (working title), and can help their clients transition from on-premise file servers, legacy document management systems and other platforms to the New LexWorkplace.

Early Access

We know that you’re excited to begin using LexWorkplace to manage documents and email for your law firm. For that reason we’ve developed Early Access, a program where you can begin using LexWorkplace prior to its commercial release.

Similar to beta, Early Access is an opportunity for you to take advantage of all of the benefits LexWorkplace will bring to your firm, before commercial release; and it’s an opportunity for us to receive product feedback from law firms like yours.

Learn more about LexWorkplace Early Access.

More Questions

Have more questions? We’re happy to talk more about LexWorkplace. Post your questions below, or drop us a line at [email protected].