Announcing Pricing for LexWorkplace

LexWorkplace Pricing

Lately we’ve been talking a lot about LexWorkplace, our upcoming law firm document management product. But we haven’t shared pricing information for our new product. We’ve been working hard to find the right balance of attractive pricing while delivering a best-in-class document management product.

Today we’re excited to announce pricing for LexWorkplace.

Upon launch, LexWorkplace will be $395 / month for our base package, which will include 5 user accounts and a full terabyte of storage.

Customers can add users at $40 / user / month, and additional storage at the price of $40 / month per additive 100 GB (or an effective price of $0.40 / GB). We’re excited because this marks a significant price reduction over LegalWorks, our classic document management product.

LexWorkplace Launch

We’re targeting Q1 of 2020 for an official launch of LexWorkplace. Select law firms will be eligible for Early Access, and can begin using LexWorkplace to manage their documents and email yet in 2019.

Learn More

Learn more about planned functionality for LexWorkplace here.

Stay Tuned!

We’ve got more exciting updates in the works for LexWorkplace! Stay tuned for announcements, sneak-peaks and other exciting information.