Introduction to LexWorkplace

LexWorkplace Roundup:
Everything You Wanted to Know About the Upcoming Document Management Platform

For the past few month’s we’ve been talking a lot about LexWorkplace, our upcoming document management system for law firms. And we’ve been receiving a ton of positive feedback.

We’ve announced features, functionality, pricing, FAQ’s and more. But each of these announcements have been bit-by-bit, shared over the course of a few months. So we thought it would be a good idea to publish this roundup, and summarize everything you wanted to know about LexWorkplace.

Let’s get started.

A New Beginning

LexWorkplace is the successor to Uptime LegalWorks, our award-winning cloud-based document & email management system for law firms. LegalWorks is good, but LexWorkplace is going to be great.

While LexWorkplace will provide many of the same capabilities and serve many of the same purposes, LexWorkplace is a completely new product, developed by Uptime Legal from the ground-up.

LexWorkplace was born from the feedback of our LegalWorks users, and the broader legal document management industry.

Packed with The Tools Your Firm Needs

LexWorkplace comes with everything your firm needs to go paperless, get organized and work anywhere.

At launch, LexWorkplace will include the following features.

Manage Documents, Email & Notes by Matter

One-Click Open & Save
One click to open a doc, one click to save

Email Management
Save emails to a matter right from Outlook

Tagging & Profiling
Create and apply document tags & properties

Automatic OCR
Scanned documents are OCR\'d automatically

Store Anything
Store documents, video, audio and more

Office Integration
Save Office docs directly to LexWorkplace

Powerful Search
Instant search across documents and email

Version Management
Effortless document version management

Security & Permissions
Manage user access and permissions

Data Encryption
Complete encryption in transit and at-rest

Two-Factor Authentication
Enable TFA for added data security

Geographic Redundancy
Multiple independent data centers

Secure Application Architecture
Secure code keeps your data safe

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