LexWorkplace: First Look – Part 2

A first look at the all-new version of Uptime LegalWorks: Part 2

Earlier this year announced the development of a completely new, rebuilt-from-scratch version of Uptime LegalWorks. Earlier this month we gave you a first look at the new look and capabilities of the New LegalWorks.

In this post, we’ll share some more exciting updates to the upcoming reboot of our popular document management software.

Let’s Dive in.

Simple Drag and Drop

Save anything to matter in LegalWorks with a simple drag-and-drop. Upload one file or a bunch of files in seconds.

Document Version Management

LegalWorks automatically creates and tracks document versions. Review previous document versions; see who changed what, when; annotate specific versions to keep important milestones clear.

Favorite & Recent Docs

Quickly and easily see your recent docs. Or mark important documents as a Favorite, putting it at your fingertips no matter where you are in LegalWorks.

Profiling & Tagging

LegalWorks allows you to set a document’s Type and Status, helping you to keep documents categorized and organized. You can also create your own custom Document Tags, another way to classify and label documents throughout LegalWorks.

Document Check-Out

Check a document out to keep others from changing it. This is especially useful when you’re working on a document over a long period of time. Your coworkers can see who has a document checked out, and can download a copy at any time.

Matter Docs & Firm Docs

Every matter is its own virtual filesystem to hold documents and other data. You can also store documents within Firm Documents, a central place to store and manage business, financial, HR and other non-matter documents for your firm.

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